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San Francisco – weather or not?


San Francisco: Summertime and the living is… freezing

In San Francisco, we enshroud ourselves in sweaters and scarves and hats and boots and coats and that’s in the summer.

Fleece, wool, cashmere, hoodies, and multiple layers are de rigeur.

in the 1970’s, the Hare Krishna kids were the bane of San Francisco International Airport with their orange, saggy saris, B.O., incense, and all that redundant chanting.   Kudos to them, they did have one sacred cow of a merchandising idea.

  Marketing 101

Following up on the Mark Twain quote about the coldest winter he ever experienced was a summer in San Francisco – the Hare Krishnas bought and sold massive cartons of sweatshirts to the fr-fr-freezing tourists clad in T-shirts and shorts.   They set up shop in Golden Gate Park at the Japanese Tea Garden.  They were also planted in Fisherman’s Wharf and at the pier for the Alcatraz tour.

 Summer in the City

Don’t be seduced by the current rare and wonderful heat wave that screams Summertime.

Generally, on the Fourth of July in San Francisco, there are no bikini beach parties.  Rather, fun-devils huddle around bonfires at Ocean Beach amid a whipping winds and fog – dressed in Patagonia-wear, REI, and letterman jackets, hooded sweatshirts, turtlenecks, gloves, and hats.  

Sure, there are a few who showed up in flip-flops and shorts- cavalier and cold.


 Nothing says Sumer in SanFrancisco as Ella singing “Summertime” 


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