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Top 3 reasons David Denby movie reviews are a buzz kill


One of life’s tough lessons:

People who love movies, read the David Denby movie reviews in the New Yorker after they have seen the movie.

Reading one of his reviews before seeing a film is like learning all the punch lines, the details of the dénouement and the foreshadowing in the film. Dull times three. Denby ruins more films than Jerry Lewis.

 Don’t think about elephants

You arrive with excitement in check, a small, $8 mini-box of popcorn in hand and – thanks to Mr. Tell All Denby – preconceived notions about the film dripping out of every pore of your body. Try as you may, you can’t shake all those perspicacious opinions. Thanks, Mr. Spoiler-No-Alert.

 Ida – the Film

Yesterday, I saw “Ida,” Polish director, Pawel Pawlikowski’s film, ( IMBD:   at the San Rafael Theater because my friend, Rose, said it was reputed to be a quiet and amazing film. Many will wax rapturous about the sparseness, the relationships, the irony and both the simplicity and complexity. I loved the story, the acting, the cast, and the superb black and white cinematography that was so unique and hauntingly stark.

Tomorrow, I will read the New Yorker and skim what David Denby had to say  about “Ida” – my own opinion formed first.

“I do believe that movies are subject to a million interpretations”.

Oliver Stone




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