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Beware the Bay to Breakers, Binkie

Beware The  Bay to Breakers on Sundaybridge

Planning a romantic picnic in at the Rose garden at Golden Gate Park on Sunday?

Leaving San Rafael to hop on a fun filled flight to Vegas Sunday afternoon?

Or planning to rent bikes and float down Haight Street, meander through the Park to Ocean Beach for a walk on the beach?

Binkie, Sunscreen, GPS, seat belts, and the best intentions will not save the day.

Beware the rides of May.



Mayhem? Oh, yeah.

Once a year, thanks to the famous Bay to Breakers, the streets of San Francisco get horrifically clogged with runners, walkers, party animals who don’t really know about the race – but “get” the Animal House party idea…streets are blocked off and backed up for miles with pedestrians, partiers, and perplexed drivers who can’t figure how to get through the Park – down 19th Avenue.

Enjoy the day, stay away!

Bronze buddah in the parkTell me what you think…

Stuck in Marin?

Recipe for a perfect afternoon: lunch at the wonderful  Avatar Restaurant in Larkspur before viewing  the movie, Lunchbox.



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