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Top 5 Worst Dates San Francisco – Avoid at all costs

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The Top 5 Worst San Francisco Dates of the Year

 A recent poll taken with the San Francisco Yoga Babes revealed the following five most egregious dates.

  1. KOFY TV Dance Party – She told him she loved to dance and he said be ready at 7 PM on Saturday night.  In a blink, she was in a long, snaking line with overly excited people dressed up for “Halloween meets the 80’s.” She had never seen so many outlandish costumes, bizarre behavior and then the doors opened and they were on TV! She didn’t know about the Dance Party TV show- never wanted to be on TV- and was pushed and jostled by loud, energetic dancers who were doing “the Freak “and trying to Twerk. He danced every dance mugging for the camera. She lasted one hour hugging the wall and called it a night. Taxi!
  2.  Not Funny Comedy – They both said they loved comedy. He had a good idea. They parked at the garage at 5th and Mission Street and tiptoed over a few bodies in doorways to get to the Tenderloin comedy club.  That wasn’t funny.  The tiny club didn’t serve alcohol -only fruit juices – so they went across the street to the liquor store covered in iron bars,  security cameras, and some rather scary undercover cops lurking nearby. She hoped they were cops. The people -in and out of the store- were pretty rough and tumble. The comedy was Kathy Griffin meets Duck Dynasty There was nothing funny about the night.
  3.  Dying to Meet Them  – Wanting to get to know his family, she agreed to go to his uncle’s funeral in South San Francisco.  The huge family was in an elevated state of mourning; women were sobbing and men crying into handkerchiefs. And, they were also very angry. There were shoving matches and shouting in the church. Outside, car doors were slamming and families were cursing one another. And the wake hadn’t even started.  She took a cab home.
  4. It happened at the Movies –   A big film buff, he heard they were filming Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine at 20th and Capp Street. Did she want to go watch? Thrilled by the ideas of being close to Woody Allen and Cate Blanchett, she readily agreed to hang out with the stars. They stood two blocks away from the filming – in freezing, foggy, windy  San Francisco weather. After two hours, she wanted to go home; he wanted to go watch filming  at the Aub Zum Zum on Haight. The End.
  5. Take my Mother, Please  – After happily dating  for six wonderful months, he suggested she meet his mother.  The drive was pleasant and chatty, however he failed to mention that his mother was in elevated dementia and was living in a “home” in Livermore.  BTW, His mother hadn’t recognized him for more than two years.  Blithely going along to ‘meet the family’ – sans any relevant facts – she accompanied him to the iffy neighborhood. At first she was shocked by the home, by the ailing woman’s screams for help, the son’s ineptitude in speaking to the RN, trying to care for his mother and the whole tenor of the situation.  She excused herself from his nightmare and sat in the car.

  6. theme park sideshow—–Note to Daters: Dead End Dates include: Funerals, Nursing Homes, Starring on a TVshow, and  Tripping the Tenderloin…start with coffee…work your way up. Happy trails.


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