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Top 3 tips: kickstart your dating profile

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Fact: Dull, flat and boring all will  get zero attention online.

An Online Dating Profile with the same old photo from last year, a sparse and dull write up and ‘boring”favorites is a dead end.

Do not do this at home : never admit you like to brush your dog’s teeth each evening, that you sit in front of the TV for each meal, that fresh air makes you nauseous. No references to The Ducky Dynasty Fan Club.

If you want to appear attractive and interesting – add some spark and sparkle to your profile.

Page Larkin’s Mandatory: Top Three Tips to Get More Dates- 

1. Update your  profile picture – every month or two. Have a friend take an attractive photo at an event or new venue. More is better.

2. Change it up – If you have the same insipid  opening line, “Wow, this is really awkward,” or “I’m a love machine looking for my perfect match is that you, honey bun?” or the really old-line: “I was born at an early age.”  Delete and Upgrade. Every month, come up with a new and interesting attention getting title. Skip any and all ‘honey bun; references.

3. Don’t Get Stale, Flat and Boring:  If you’ve been paying your dues at any dating site for over a year and striking out, take a break. It’ll be good for your soul, self-esteem, your brain and your body. Push away from the computer and go outside and play.

New Tactic: It’s time to comb your hair, brush your teeth, and put on great-looking outfit and go sit in a café.

Walk around the park, the yacht harbor, the dog park, Crissy Field, Green Apple Books, the Polo Field.

Remember:  look at people and smile. Yep, eye contact  and smiling that is part of the deal.

Do you have a really bad “The Worst First Date?” nightmare or fiasco? Tell me about it.

Need Help Writing that Online Dating Profile? I can help.,



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