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Why wait for him to call? Do a Sadie Hawkins

Freestanding door in the woods

Ladies who sit back and wait for a man to call, write, wink, or smile first – waste a lot of time.

Carpe diem, girls. Think like Sadie Hawkinsact up and often.

She may have been a cartoon character- but Al Capp’s Sadie–took a walk on the wild side and asked guys out – got dates, and had more fun.

It is a well-known fact, for some men it takes ages for them to get a clue.

Are men really clueless?

Peter M. told me he had been thinking about asking Ginger out on a date for six months before he found the time and courage to do so. Six months – 180 days- 4,320 hours. Life is too short to waste on “Pause.”

Ginger said she had smiled, nodded, and chatted with Peter M. She greeted him each day at the office and nada. Zip. Zero. Nothing. After a time, she figured he was either a dead-man-walking, neuter ,or a true dullard.

He admits he simply forgot to flirt. Divorced for 4 years, he had been single for so long he had turned into a social zombie. However, she did not give up.

Flirting: amorous without serious intent?

Guys, here are signs that a woman is flirting with you: she looks at you and smiles; she says ‘hello’ to you; she engages you in conversation…smiles; she asks you questions not relating to work; she inquires about your social life. You know those casual conversations she starts? That’s flirting.

In an “I could have had a V-8” palm-thud to the head, Peter M said, “Oh! That was flirting?” Frustrated, but not defeated, Ginger embraced the whole Sadie Hawkins concept and asked Peter M out on a date to the new SF Jazz Center to see Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers. Bingo!

Kudos to Ginger for being tenacious – lucky for Peter M that she was…

Remember this:

“Life is short – Break the Rules. Forgive quickly, kiss slowly. Love truly. Laugh uncontrollably

and never regret anything that makes you smile.” Mark Twain

See: Should a Woman Call a Man? Absolutely!


Flirt early and Flirt often


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