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“Tinder” is the night? Not so much

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Tinder is the Night?

The Big Daddy of Online dating, Barry Diller, the King of of IAC, billionaire media mogul, is the money behind a dozen of your favorite Dating Sites- including, Chemistry, OKCupid, Our Time, and Senior People Meet (See  Chart Below)

Diller’s brand-new game in town called Tinder ( with an estimated 50 million users. Really.

Ouch! Tinder hurt my feelings

Patsy- single, bon vivant and very corporate, 43, said,  “Tinder is brutal. It hurt my feelings.”  Intrigued by the new app, she played the game: downloaded the app, did the GPS connection, and provided a handful of cute photos and connected to her Facebook page. She was ready, willing, and able to meet men her age in the San Mateo area.   Always open for new experiences, she thought Tinder would be fun and novel.

[Note: 85% of all Tinder users are in the 18-35 year old demographic]

Hang ups and Hook ups?

Her experience was it was a “Hook up site.” She scanned a few dozen photos of men her age and concluded that most guys only wanted to meet for a drink and then? She is more of a of “Let’s go for a hike; want to check out Santana Row, Santa Cruz Boardwalk, Carmel, the Rosicrucian Museum?”  It was all about drinks. Next.

Patsy admits she Google’s everyone she meets – all of her clients and her dates. It is what she does.

She also feels it’s important to speak to somebody in the phone before going to the trouble of hair/makeup and getting dressed up, driving to and from and spending time getting to know a new potential beau.

How dare you Left Swipe me!

On the other hand, her niece, Betsy, 25 thinks “Tinder: is the next best thing to gluten-free, low-calorie, pre-sliced bread.  She calls it the fickle finger of fate and likens it to “shopping” for a good-looking guy.   She quickly scans 50 pictures and “Right Swipes”  on a dozen guys that she thinks might be fun.  She said she’s had more first dates in three months than she did in the past three years.

Betsy was a fan of Tinder – now, things have cooled.

If you ask her about second and third dates, there’s a long pause.  She admits “Not so much.” Tinder is like a cafeteria of pretty active flirting- and some hook ups and dead ends.

She calls it ‘Fishing in shallow water.’   C’est fini.

Both Patsy and Betsy are more intrigued with Whats App.

So many Apps – so little time.cupid

Big Daddy Barry Diller owns these sites you are so familiar with:

  • Meetic
  • Mindspark Interactive Network
  • Notional
  • nRelate
  • OkCupid
  • Tinder (app)
  • Urbanspoon

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