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2014: Top 3 Internet Dating Blunders

who is lyin?To err is human…

If you are new to the realm of Internet Dating – and thousands of people sign up each week- take heed.  I’ve done the leg work, the homework, due diligence  and have created the “Suddenly-Single-Minded Cliff Notes.”   

The Top 3 Things Not to Do Online

Sure, there are books galore on etiquette – there are multitudes of websites, blogs, books, lectures dedicated specifically to mitigate or cultivate the bad boy, the flirty woman, cougar and the rogue male. Wading through all of that can waste valuable time when you would rather be having fun, right?

#1. Hello? Hello? Are you there?  Research indicates the biggest blunder made by both men and women online is being- too aloof, too blase and playing hard to get.  This faulty strategy is misconstrued eight  times out of 10 as being totally disinterested and potential dates evaporate and move on. Next. Respond to all viable e-notes. “Winks” not necessary to acknowledge.

#2. Too much. Too soon. Too fast.  Being too enthusiastic or too attentive can put your date  into ‘Overload and Overwhelm’ and, pouf! they’re gone.  Unbridled enthusiasm is intimidating and  will scare potential dates off. Rein it in. Remember – Dating online is like a dance – a waltz ~not the jitterbug.

#3.  Truth in Advertising  A photograph is worth a thousand words – if current.  Honestly, any affection for you instantly evaporates when you post a photograph of you that is more than a year old.  Sure, you were a fox in college,  and you looked better 20 lbs ago.

Save time  and do your self a favor – don’t post an outdated, historical photograph of yourself. 

Update and Upload a new photo. No one wants to see your baby photos.

If there hadn’t been women we’d still be squatting in a cave eating raw meat,

because we made civilization in order to impress our girlfriends.

Orson Welles


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