Suddenly Single… Minded

Welcome to the Wild and Whimsical World of Internet Dating

Were you once a Dancer… and a Prancer and Vixen?


Now are you more of a Donder or a Blitzen?  Kick that habit and kick up your heels;

it’s Christmas!

It’s never too late, to have yourself a merry little Christmas and kick up your heels, Cupid.

Top 10 Ways to Get a Kick out of the Christmas Holiday

1. Say ‘Merry Christmas’t o everyone. Bah, humbug to the PC happy holiday malarkey. Go ahead, say Merry Christmas to the people on the bus, the doorman, the waitress, barista, the taxi driver the clerk, the MUNI driver, the people in the elevator and everyone! What goes around… See esteemed and hilarious Paul Rudnick’s New Yorker Merry Interfaith Holiday

2. Wear red. It’s fun, it’s festive and red-quired. Come on, don your red apparel. Everyone should wear at least one red article of clothing. No Santa hats unless you are under 18. Donate the 75% off, Christmas sweater from Mervyns, to the less fortunate.           

Go, Red!

3. Memorize A Visit from St Nicholas by Clement C Moore and recite at the drop of a hat. Bring a hat wherever you go.

4. Wear mistletoe. No kidding. Buy a sprig of mistletoe and pin it to your lapel or put it on your hat. Be kissed off and on. Yes, Virginia, you can download a picture of mistletoe. There are no rules. See Google.Images.

5. Add the quality of jollity and frivolity see Kung Pao Kosher Comedy on Christmas Eve through December 27th

6. Do you see what I see? Find the Christmas log on TV for Christmas Day.

7. Laugh and love the funniest, most engaging capella choir, Straight No Chaser . They sing every Christmas favorite with a twist and a shout. For fun and free music see

8. Surround Sound: FM stations are playing non stop Christmas melodies and standards. Bring out the Bing and dream of a White Christmas.

9. Read The Fir Tree by Hans Christian Anderson and The Christmas Memory by Truman Capote. Read them and weep.

10. Play Rock, Paper, Scissors – for the fun loving, competitive kid in you – there’s an app for that!

Do not rest ye merry gentle people;   sing, stroll, dance, prance, dream. Call the Scrooges the Grinches, the Donders, and the Blitzens and wish   Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night.holly


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