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Skip Black Friday- Top 10 fun things to do in San Francisco

Pink – the new Black- Friday

Top 10 Fun Free things to do in San Francisco the day after Thanksgiving – Go Pink!

Americans have been whipped into a shopping lather with a recent tsunami of newspaper inserts and rabid radio and TV blitzes.

Spend money now? While words like foreclosure, job loss, recession, recovery, crisis, cutbacks and budget are dancing in our heads?

Aggressive retailers are lighting the fires for conspicuous consumption and fanning the flames with a massive Black Friday media blitz.

Conversely, there is a movement afoot called Buy Nothing Day, to put the brakes on spending and avoid the ill-fated

‘Shop until you drop’ malady.”

frogggKermit was right; “It is hard being green.”    

Very few of us have ‘the green’ we used to have. More lack than black, Friday. Go Pink. Be ‘In the pink.” Listen to Pink Martini Or Pink Floyd, watch ‘Pretty in Pink,“ or take the time to plant pink tulips.

            Skip Black Friday.

Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, fun, eating, and volunteering, and helping the less fortunate.

Here are Top 10 Fun Free Friday Things to do Around San Francisco the day after Thanksgiving

1. Span -Walk across the International Orange Golden Gate Bridge – 76 years old.

2. Make a Fort – Explore the Presidio, Fort Point, Fort Mason, and Fort Baker

3. Click – Take a photo journey to the Murals of the Mission District and locate and photograph the famously popular murals.

4. Play – Continue a Day of Play:  try jigsaw puzzles, charades, movie marathons, and touch football…

5. Explore– Walk around your very own neighborhood. Concept: Introduce yourself to a neighbor – or two…

6. Shift Gears– go for a bike ride, stroll, hike, a run or skate…

7. Merge -into Movie Night – share Top 10 Netflix Tips  – have a friendly movie night with another friend – be selective and be smart: go to the library and get new movies.

8. Step it Up– Research the famous staircases and steps of San Francisco – Get the book – at the library and start with the first walk

9. Pack – A picnic with some of those leftovers and hit the beach, forest, or the park and relax…Watch the clouds. Find the Andy Goldsworthy art in the Presidio…Walk around the Palace of Fine Art in the Marina – say “Thank you, Walter Johnson” the hero responsible for rebuilding the once falling-down and falling apart SanFrancisco landmark

10. Purge – Do you have ‘One Warm Coat’ your are not wearing –  Please Donate to: One Warm Coat with drop offs all over the Bay Area.

During the football marathon, clean out a closet. Men’s clothing can be donated to “Out of the Closet” at California at Polk Street (free drop-off parking lot) Women’s can go to the excellent woman’s shelter, Casa de las Madres, via the Community Thrift store on Mission Street – see new Address!

Yes, Binkie, This year avoid Black Friday~ Buy Nothing-  and go outside and play!


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