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Critical: single men eat dinner – single women don’t

photo_4426_20071211cherriesBig surprise: single men eat dinner – single women don’t

What’s for dinner?

Ask 10 single women what they usually have for dinner and you’ll hear responses like:

  1. Quinoa
  2.  Fruit and Greek yogurt
  3. A bowl of soup
  4. A sweet potato- embellished with condiments
  5. An omelet
  6. A tossed green salad
  7.  Something from Trader Joe’s
  8.  An apple, cheese and crackers, and a glass of wine
  9.   Leftovers
  10. Popcorn

photo_184_20051014Conversely, if you stand outside the gym at the JCC, Gold’s gym, or Trader Joe’s

(NOTE: a great way to meet guys) and ask a single guy what he’s planning for dinner that night you will hear:

  1. Meat, potatoes, and salad
  2. Pizza
  3. Mexican food or Chinese
  4. A Stouffer’s frozen lasagna, salad, and a bowl of ice cream
  5. Lamb chops, potatoes au gratin, green beans
  6. Chicken, corn, cheese, rice, beans, salsa and corn tortillas
  7. Hamburgers or Hungry Man
  8. Barbecued something
  9. Piece of fish, green salad with all the fixings, a vegetable
  10. Something he picked up at Pasta Pomodoro, KFC, or BK, or McDonald’sdonutes-e1352211581297

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