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Are you flirting with me? Top 3 clues

Top Three Most Obvious Signs of Flirting:

Men (50+) who find themselves ‘suddenly single’ and back in the dating arena- admit to being very confused.

They say they are perplexed by single women and the dating scene – again – in 2013.  They ask if there are new rules.  Men want to know how you tell if a woman is actively flirting or just plain friendly?

Are there specific clues or behaviors that a woman is being playful and coy or acutely not interested? Yes! If a smile, winks, blinks, nods, and signs bewilder you- here are three obvious signs of flirting

Remember: Treat all positive interactions (smiles, nods, waves) as a bona fide flirt.

Sign #1: What’s in a Name? Flirting females frequently use your name in conversation. FYI: This is a very subtle attention getting device. Everyone likes to hear his or her name, right? Listen, carefully and respond in kind.

Sign #2: How do you feel about that? If a woman is interested in you – she might brush up against you: it could be a pat, a hug or a tap. Look for seemingly innocent light touches: on your shoulder, arm, or knee. There is method to the madness.

Sign #3:  Eye Contact? Yes, the eyes have it. A woman who is interested in you will look you in the eye – often – and for more than a split second. Your job? Look back, and smile. Yes, and so it begins…

Incorporate the LALA’s Flirting Method in your daily activities: Look At, Look Again, and Smile. Remember: love looks with the eyes and the mind.


What a Piece of Work is a Man
The opposite of fun and flirting is a ‘Stop’ sign – a dead end. When a man does not respond to our being cute, coy or playful – we move on.

Life is short – carpe diem.
Ladies, here are five obvious signs he is going, going, gone.

Five Signs of Dead End Dates:
1.    He asks you to split the check.
2.    He cancels more than one date.
3.    He takes and makes phone calls during the date; acts distracted and bored.
4.    He flirts with the hostess, the waitress, the bus boy – everyone but, you.
5.    He admits to liking Honey Boo Boo, #45, and polyamory

Those flashing red flags are blatant indicators: something is wrong and it isn’t you. Time for you to move over, move on and  find a new friend.


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2 thoughts on “Are you flirting with me? Top 3 clues

  1. lol, you are giving all our secrets away lol j/k Good advice!

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    Beware The Dead End Date – Read this, Binkie

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