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The surprising top 10 reasons the first dates flopped

sad manReaders send me bizarre recaps of their First Date Disasters: guys, lies, dogs, guns, and poses


 Here are the Top 10 Worst First:

1. She told me she had a .22 pistol in her purse – and a NRA membership card.

2. She “Yelped” a review of the restaurant on her phone during the meal.

3. He walked into the restaurant. I should say, “waddled” – about 50 pounds heavier than his picture.

4. Mr. Harvard-Law arrived late, didn’t apologize, and said he forgot his wallet- however, he would go to the ATM next door unless I wanted to pick up the tab.

5. She met me at the door of the restaurant with her little white dog in her arms- and asked me if I minded if the dog joined us. Fortunately, the maître d’ had a fit- and I claimed allergies. She said “Oh, well. Your loss,” and walked away. Right. And your little dog, too.

6. A total stranger came in and sat at my table. She did not look a bit like the picture on her profile- and said she used her younger sister’s picture for security purposes. I had a glass of wine and left.

7. He started every sentence with the word, “So.”

8. He said he had to “Come clean” and tell me he really wasn’t divorced- just “separated and playing the field.” He was charming, handsome, a liar and a cheat.

9. He bragged about owning AK-47, which I thought, was a car until realized it was a gun. I put down a $10 bill, said, ‘Good luck’ and walked out of the restaurant

10. He talked the entire coffee date and didn’t ask me one question. He e-mailed me the next day and said he a great time– and would I want to go out again. Not in this lifetime!

 Do you have a really bad  “The Worst First Date?” nightmare or fiasco? Tell me about it.




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