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Welcome to the Wild and Whimsical World of Internet Dating

Kick start your dating profile today

Pink20140127-2Get Smart! Get off the couch and into the dating game

Fact: an online dating profile with the same old photo, same old write up and dated favorites is dead in the water.

If you want to appear attractive and interesting – add some spark and sparkle to your profile.

Tom, divorced for 15 years, a single father of teenager, has been on for five years.

He rarely, if ever, looks at the dating website and is thrilled if anybody ever contacts him. A busy executive – virtually chained to his desk, Tom claims he doesn’t have time to “troll” for a date. Really? Five years – a passive dater – and he wonders why no one ever contacts him:  old photo, old headline. Yawn.

Recently, he and his son from returned from a camping trip and he updated his profile and posted new photos of himself. Bingo!  Three women sent him e-mails and he was back in the game- his interest high. Yes, girls, it is a good idea to reach out and connect with guys. (Think: Sadie Hawkins)

Page Larkin’s Mandatory: You Must Do This – To 3 Tips

1. Change your picture – every month or two. Have a friend take your photo at an event or new venue.

2. Get  Updated –  If you have the same opening line,  “I was born at an early age,” “Wow, this is really awkward,” “I’m a love machine looking for my perfect match is that you, honey bun?” Change it. Every 1-2 months, come up with a new and interesting snippet. Skip any and all honey bun  references.

3.  Don’t Get Stale– If you’ve been hanging around the water cooler at any dating site for over a year and striking out, take a break.  It’ll be good for your soul, self-esteem, your brain and your body. Push away from the computer and go outside and play.

New Tactic: It’s time to comb your hair, brush your teeth, and put on great-looking outfit and go sit in a café. Walk around the park, the yacht harbor, the dog park, Crissy Field  the Polo Field, – look at people and smile. Yep, that is part of the deal.

Do you have a really bad  “The Worst First Date?” nightmare or fiasco? Tell me about it.


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