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Top 12 mistakes and goofs on your dating profile

sad manFirst impressions can only be made once.  Be careful what you write.

The Top 12 heinous headlines: don’t post these on your dating profile

  1. The last book I read was the Da Vinci Code
  2. I love brushing my dog’s teeth
  3. I’m on a diet and trying to lose weight, really
  4. I’m 60 and a stud. I only date women who are 30 to 40
  5. I’m into booty calls – how about you?
  6. I’m a little ADHD, semi-unemployed, with a very good personality
  7. My daughter made me write this
  8. If you can guess my weight, I will go out with you
  9. I only date men who make more money than my last husband
  10. Want to be my sugar daddy?
  11.  Hey! I just want to go out to dinner once a month
  12. I’m really shy. Please contact me. I’m a loner. A little Agoraphobic

All of the above qualify as buzz-kills –dullsville and boring. Three tips for a Better profile

  • Take the time to write succinct 50-word essay citing some of your interests. Avoid writing “a laundry list of likes.” As a rule quirky and kinky are not cute. Really.
  • Get Real: Remember, when writing a dating profile – sarcasm and innuendo don’t always translate.  What you may consider to be clever and pithy may come across as caustic or corny.
  • Update and improve your profile every month.  Posting the same online dating profile for more than two months is a dead end.  Update and change it up a bit. Dating in 2014 is dynamic. you should be, too. Comment on a concert, a movie or a restaurant you recently tried. First impressions happen only once.

Shoot me an email and tell what works for you.

Sometimes one creates a dynamic impression by saying something, and sometimes one creates as significant an impression by remaining silent.      Dalai Lama

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