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Top 10 reasons she will agree to a second date

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Is it in the cards?  Will she agree to a second date?                                                                                            

A random poll taken with a coterie of women reveals: Most women will happily agree to a second date if certain things are “in place.”

Men have a much better chances for a date ~  if on the first date:

1. He looks exactly like his picture. Height, weight and age are both refreshingly accurate.

2. There is an instant comfort level and conversation flows.

3. He arrives by car, bus, train, on foot, not a Harley.

4. He holds the door open for her and walks into the restaurant, after her.

5. They are a  match – both like many of the same events, venues, books, sports, movies and restaurants. They have a lot in common and share an openness to try to new things.

6. No doubt – a second date is a given if they both parties exhibit  The Five Favorable Traits:

· Eye contact

· Good listening skills

· Appear relaxed

· Appear engaged

· Both parties asked questions. And Listen.

7.Comfort:  When the first date feels more like a flowing conversation and less like an job interview – and is punctuated with smiles, laugh and flirting. Think: second date.

8. Candid: If both parties avoid ‘buzz kill topics’ (i.e. plagues, Ex’s, taxes, death, ugly divorces) and the conversation weaves in and out of mutual interests.

9. The Close: As things are winding down and you are approaching the finish line of Date #1, the magic words are, “This has been fun. I really enjoyed meeting you. We should do it again. Are you free next Friday or Saturday?” (Always offer a choice of two dates). Voila.

10. Hugs vs. Handshake. As the date ends and you are reluctantly leaving one another – the level of interest is evidenced by either a handshake or a light hug.

Hot Tip: A perfunctory handshake (no Rosetta stone required here) simply means, “It was nice meeting you. Next.”

Whereas, a light hug means, “ Call me for a second date.”

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