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Flirt early – flirt often: Valentine’s Day magic

photo_10108_20090419roseThe Valentine’s Day marketing massacre

starts days after Christmas.

Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year you can reach out and flirt with someone – under the guise of:  it’s Valentine’s Day! Cupid made me do it.

My motto: Flirt early and Flirt Often.

Towers of heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, buckets of long stemmed red roses and stacks of Valentine’s Day cards start filling the store’s display cases. Everywhere you look  ~  there are  floods of valentines, heart shaped objects, pink, red, white and “Buy me” things…

Vitamin C for your heart

Valentine’s Day is famous for the push towards the Three C’s: chocolate, champagne  and cards.  Do you drop $5 at Papyrus for that ever so special-romantic- yet- playful card with the crimson velvet heart? Or make your own?

Or do you hit The Dollar Store and buy five  $1.00 cards- and send one to every crush – you have at the moment?    Yes!  Blame Cupid.

photo_1072_20060214See’s has plump bags filled with red-hot hearts, red foil covered chocolate hearts and beautiful red satin, heart-shaped boxes filled with yummy dark or milk chocolates. Tables are piled high with over 30 different candy gift-boxes –all variations of a chocolate theme.

On whole different level – the diverse and delicious Chocolate Covered on 24th Street has the most exquisite chocolates – from all over world Very high quality and palette pleasing.

Sweet Nothings? Macy’s Cellar is awash in Chocolate cookies, ice cream, roses, and heart shaped boxes…Look for towers of Godiva, Tcho, try XOXTruffles and  revel in Recchuiti 

Significant Others –Important February Dates

Remember –  It’s never  too early to start baking chocolate cupcakes and pasting frilly doilies onto red construction paper…

The month of February is jam packed with other significant holidays:

February 1 — National Baked Alaska Day
February 3 — National Men’s Grooming Day
February 6 –    Wear Red Day
February 7 — Charles Dickens Day
February 8 — Kite Flying Day
February 11 – Satisfied Staying Single Day
February 12 — White T-Shirt Day
February 13- National Peppermint Patty Day

Enjoy the colorful and quirky days of February.

And – relax.  No Need to Panic: Word on the street is that of the hearty 58 billion pounds of chocolate sold, most of it is actually purchased on Valentine’s day, and the day before.

In the Mood: You have plenty of time.  Start by wearing red or pink tomorrow. Wear your heart on your sleeve…or your lapel.

You’ve got to have heart;  it just doesn’t have to be gift wrapped.


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