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West Portal – Go West for Christmas Shopping

Need a quick and simple solution to shopping in San Francisco?

Go west – Go West Portal, young man, woman, and child. This year, avoid the maul-at-the mall and spend the day exploring the bounty and variety of charming West Portal, located West of Twin Peaks.

A ride on a Muni K, L, or M car and, voila, you’re there.    Famished upon arrival? Walk 50 steps and visit the famous Bullshed for one of the very best burgers in the City. Parched from the journey? Drop by the famed sport’s bar, the Philosopher’s Club. You’ll see a flurry of 20’s and 30s, a gaggle of diehard drinkers, a passel of retired cops and firemen and more. Have a toddy and start shopping.

holly Plan it right, and you could do a Christmas holiday trifecta “Shop, Dine, View –  catch a movie at the Empire theatre, then take MUNI home.

Skip big box and chain stores; support wonderful local, family-owned stores:

Bookshop West Portal the Jewel in the Crown. Really, a one-stop shopping site. You could spend a day and a paycheck here and cover everyone on your shopping list. Owner, Neal Sofman, has a very impressive gift selection; almost every book you ever wanted, or they will order it for you. Remember the Amazon is a river. Bookshop West Portal is a stellar independent bookstore serving the community.

* Pappenhausen is one of San Francisco best hardware stores – they have everything. Almost. A classic – if they don’t have it – you don’t need it kind of a store

* GG’s – let’s call it a French fusion store with floor-to-ceiling ‘perfect’ gifts for girlfriends, cousins, aunts, some uncles, daughters, mothers. See the yummy French soaps, oceans of lotions, tea towels, greeting cards, cool jewelry, cashmere baby socks. The ultimate fun gift store.

* West Portal Produce is a small, well stocked shop with a large variety and great prices.

* Supercuts -call ahead and book an appointment with very popular Victor. Haircuts $19.56.

Zen Salon and Spa – serene and clean. Get a manicure and pedicure in a lovely enviornment.

You’ll love it. West Portal has it all, including: sports equipment, an outstanding wine purveyor, toy stores, baubles, coffee shops, bakeries, mom and pop grocers, shoe repair, and the best bookstore in San Francisco, as well as an array of restaurants and taverns.                                                                                

Have fun in West Portal: Eat, Shop, Play.

“Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present.” Camus


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