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To gift or not to gift? That is the question

ho ho hoConfused about dating and gifting at Christmas? Here’s the deal:

There are two very diverse schools of thought on Christmas gifting while dating. One school subscribes to “everybody gets a little something.” Some do a whole who was ‘naughty vs. nice’ analysis.  Thus begins the titanic burden called Romantic Involvement Christmas Handling (RICH)  aka who deserves a gift and who gets a trinket?

Some subscribe to the appealing philosophy that anything, beautifully wrapped and involving chocolate is the perfect present for one and all. No fuss, no muss, and never any of that nasty re-gifting involved.

Add a sprig of mistletoe to your sweetheart’s gift: perfect.

Fact: the most boring and generic gifts one can buy are: candles, socks, and pens. By all means, avoid the Oh-no-O. Henry, Gift of the Magi debacle. Combs and watch fobs are guaranteed to displease.



Lynne R in Pacific Heights, has a social calendar that rivals Dede Wilsey or Hilary Clinton. This social butterfly smartly keeps numerous boxes of Godiva chocolates and a small army of chocolate Santas from See’s in her party pantry.  She’s always prepared with the perfect little gift. Sweet.

You Better Watch Out – You Better Not Buy

Is there such a thing as going overboard in gifting while dating? A big gift (iPad, Cartier watch, a Tiffany trinket, or HD TV) speaks volumes. However, if you want to turn the volume down, think smaller and more discreet.


Here Comes Santa Claws

Each Christmas, bachelor John Mark, heads to the closest Safeway kiosk of gift cards and plucks a dozen gift cards off the wall and his Christmas shopping is done. He buys iTunes and Gap gift cards for “the kids,” Macy’s gift cards for all his women friends, and specialty-restaurant gift cards for everyone else.

Jingle Bell Rock-Bottom Prices

Very clever and cost-effective, Anne P, almost lives at the Dollar Store and buys beautiful gift bags ($1.00) and yards of ribbon ($1.00) trinkets, treasures, baubles and stocking stuffers.  Anne P makes the men she is dating, (and relatives, and neighbors) very happy by her thoughtfulness.

Mocha Difference?

Three Twins (you gotta love it) Organic ice cream (Mocha difference is coffee, cream and chocolate) is the best hostess gift you can bring to party tonight – add a couple boxes of Gingerbread Cookies from Whole Foods and you will be a hit!

Frosty? Getting a Cold Shoulder from a Flame?

Whether you are ‘romantically involved’ or merely flirting at every given opportunity, think outside the box or gift bag. The art of gift giving is just that: an art. It really requires planning, precision and perspicacity. If, after delivering the perfect Christmas gift, you are not feeling the love? Remember Trader Joe’s carries the perfect gift: a lump of coal. Ho ho ho.

“Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present.” — Camusholly

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