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Thanksgiving –traveling solo? The Oregon Trail

Over the mountains and through the woods:

The Oregon Trail

‘Suddenly Singles’ find ourselves traveling solo to holiday events- locally and far away.

The Annual Road trip – exploring the Oregon Trail

 (Aka: Hey, Lewis, there is no merry weather in Oregon)

Undaunted courage’   is only a fraction of what it takes to drive to Portland during the predictable, acclaimed “storm of the century.” As a rule, Thanksgiving and Oregon generally translates to ‘stupendous storms.’

Amidst whipping winds, torrential rainfall, I have braved the liquid elements. Windshield wipers slapping the incessant buckets of water falling from leadened skies. Loathing freeway traffic-  and crawling at a snail’s pace is painful. It always seems interminable.

Simple Solutions?

Bring a small collection of books on tape from the public library to help pass the time. I love  Unbroken by Laura Hilldebrand,  Alice  by Calvin Trillin and   I Remember Nothing by Nora Ephron.   Stephen King’s 11/22/63  is a winner.   The Immortal Life of Henriette Lacks  or The Chronicles of Narnia  – will make the miles evaporate….All these books entertain and distract from the boorishly long and challenging drive to Oregon.

Radio Days- Make Me Laugh

On Saturday mornings – listen to “The Tappan Brothers-Click and Clack” then “Wait, wait Don’t Tell Me” on NPR.

Travel Tips: Skip the annual leaf peeping pilgrimage to Vermont and simply drive to Oregon. The trees are ablaze with color.

Bring snacks, water, GPS  the impossible to find the Trader Joe’s in Redding…And, not a bad idea: bring chains. ( If you miss  it,  Medford has a great Trader Joe’s and a new In and Out Burger.

A rose by any other name…

If you must drive north towards Portland – enjoy the zigzag up the state and the assortment of entertaining names of towns, like: Boring, Drain, Riddle, Spray, Burns, and Dairy. Desperate times…it helps to laugh.  Did I mention Boring?

Don’t Forget: despite the predictable rain, hail, snow, sleet, and gloom of night-
stop at the very famous Peggy’s Ice Cream at Rice Hill for some of the best ice cream in all of Oregon.

Holiday festivities, friends, family and a few hours at Portland’s Jewel in the Crown – Powell’s Bookstore, make the trek on the Oregon Trail so very worth it. Bon Voyage.photo_3906_20071026-2


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2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving –traveling solo? The Oregon Trail

  1. Interesting article about solo travel.I never thought one could enjoy travelling alone.Thank you for sharing your article.

  2. Reblogged this on Suddenly Single… Minded and commented:

    Driving to Oregon for Thanksgiving? Check this out …my travel tips.
    Buckle up, Binkie…

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