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Don’t miss: The 1968 Exhibit at the Oakland Museum

Run – don’t walk to the Oakland Museum’s

very groovy, very provocative exhibit.

Ends November 25th

It’s all about the fashion, the friction, music, mores, Viet Nam, Abraham, Martin, John

One cataclysmic year with Men on the Moon and Boys in Viet Nam, Nixon, tie dye, bell bottoms, Laugh-In, Ring Around the Collar and  every night with Walter Cronkite.  Listening to  “I Heard It Through The Grapevine,” “Hey, Jude,” “Revolution,” and  “Born To Be Wild” on your transistor radio. Chicago, Memphis, race riots and demonstrations on college campuses… Songs like War tumble through your memory bank…

“Due to popular demand, The 1968 Exhibit will now be on view through November 25.

“Experience one of the most powerful years in recent history in this unforgettable exhibition exploring the social, political, and economic events of 1968. A turning point for a generation coming of age and a nation engaged in war, 1968 saw the peak of the Vietnam War, the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy, riots at the Democratic National Convention, Black Power demonstrations at the Summer Olympics, Feminist demonstrations at the Miss America pageant, and much more.

Throughout it all, the Bay Area was at the forefront with an emerging California counterculture. Presented as an ongoing collective of historical and personal stories, the exhibition is for those who lived through it, those who’ve heard about it, and those who wonder why it matters. For more information about The 1968 Exhibit, visit”


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