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This is how you lose him – top 10 first date blunders

Top 10 first date faux pas

Worried about yet another date going bad? Confused as to why he didn’t call again?

Here are 10 surefire ways to turn off and alienate your first date.


  1. Arrive late with no excuse or apology.
  2. Declare, “You’re not what I expected.” “I thought you’d be taller” or “Is that your real hair?”
  3. Brag about all the fabulous dates you’ve had and all the expensive restaurants where you have dined recently.
  4. Reveal that your kids are perfect nightmares and go on to recount your disappointments and their horrible behavior.
  5. Describe your ugly divorce and verbally skewer your Ex, repeatedly.
  6. Rudely take a phone call during the date from another romantic interest and chat.
  7.  Have a second glass of wine; allow decorum to fly out the window and the sloshy you to slur inane stories.
  8. Inquire, “So, what do you drive?” “Do you rent or own?” “How much you make?” “How much alimony do you pay?”
  9. Appear in a wig (or extensions) fake eyelashes, fake nails, plunging V-neck with a Victoria (has no) Secret push-up bra, your daughter’s short skirt, high boots and enough makeup to require a Spackle remover tool. (Can you say, over-kill?)
  10. Listen. Men frequently complain about women who talk nonstop. Breathe and listen. Dates are a dialogue – not a monologue.  Listen: 80% and talk 20%. Observe and absorb all the little details and nuances to ensure a cogent and cordial experience.

 First dates can last 20 minutes or two hours. They can lead to a handshake, an air-kiss or a lifetime of love and companionship.

Take the time to enjoy the experience – to avoid pitfalls and faux pas.



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