Suddenly Single… Minded

Welcome to the Wild and Whimsical World of Internet Dating

Don’t just play with yourself…

Play Well With Others

Keep your hands to yourself


off your mobile device.

Jimmy Kimmel pushed the curtain back when he told Emmy Awards viewers at home what hundreds of glamorous television and movie stars were doing during commercial break. He said they were all on their smart phones- not talking to anyone else.
Heads down, hands in lap, scrolling, Tweeting, reading – no social intercourse.

It’s come to that?

There was a time – a short while ago –when people actually smiled, nodded, greeted and casually spoke to one another.
Conversations started – there was banter, repartee, joking, talking, and bon mots flying. People would complain about long lines, bad movies, the weather, traffic or simply schmooze, flirt or chat. That’s what we did.

Not now. Walk into Starbucks on California Street- all the heads are down. Everyone is so glued to their ‘screens,’ there is very little talking, exchanging, flirting. Even the ever-so-expensive Burger Bar on Union Square ($20 hamburgers-please) – is more of the same. It is not unusual to see a family of four sitting at a table each one glued to their own device. Hello?

Strangers in the Dark?

Darlene says her fast-tempo, demanding job drains her. However, playing Scrabble with strangers several hours a night calms her. There she is her sitting alone in her apartment like Eleanor Rigby. Gone are the days when she would sit in the lobby of the St. Francis Hotel and people-watch until friends showed up before an ACT play, an event at  the Commonwealth club, West Coast Swing lessons or happy hour downtown.

Tim reports he walked into a Union Street watering hole in a blaze of TGIF -he was ready to unwind, – meet some people and the place was like a library. He said everyone was glued to his or her black–android- apple-berries and he wanted to scream, “Put your devices away, let’s party- it’s Friday!”

Plays Well with Others?

And you complain, all the good ones are taken, all the guys are gay, there’s no one out there.

A word to the wise, if you are single, 50 (or more) want to meet somebody – take a sabbatical from your iPhone iPad and iPod. Unplug your ears, open your eyes and start looking at people. Smile. Then do it again.

It may take some practice to get back out there and in the swim of meeting real, live,  people. It’s so worth it.


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