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Where to meet women in San Francisco: Top 10 List


Top 10 Places to Meet Women

While at a Labor Day Picnic in Burlingame, I mentioned to a woman that I lived in San Francisco. 

In a flash, a man appeared at my elbow and said, “Hey, San Francisco is the toughest city in America to meet women.” I thought this 50-something guy was kidding, but he continued, “Where does a guy go to meet women?”  Effortlessly, I listed a dozen places and he, gratefully, asked me to write them down. And so, here goes.

The Top 10 Places to Meet Women in San Francisco

1. Probably not a  viewing of “The Interview” – not at Santa Con...But women flock to events at Fort Mason (i.e.myriad Wine Tastings, Art Events, the Orchid Show) and Open Studios in San Francisco, Marin and Berkeley.

2. Trader Joe’s – Every Sunday night from 7pm to 9pm (and, of course Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday) this place is Mecca-for-meeting.  Why? It’s where singles shop. Your job: Ask a question, like: “What is your favorite cheese here?”  or “Do you have a favorite wine?”  Be creative. There are aisles and aisles of potential encounters at Trader Joe’s And, yes, Whole Foods, Rainbow Grocery, and Safeway fall into this category. Mandatory: Smile and say, “Hey.”

3. Lectures/Events – at the Nourse Theater, the JCC, Book Passages, the Commonwealth Club, World Affairs Council;

Check out The Mill Valley Film Festival – over the Bridge – and a world away: 80% of the Volunteers are women. Women love film

Check Out: Litquake, SF Film Festivals, SFJAzz,etc. A veritable galaxy of stars – celebrated authors, musicians, politicians, and celebrities – and single men and women- appear at these venues. Arrive early. Big Clue: Talk to people in-line.

4.  SFJazz So obvious -it speaks volumes. Stellar food, incredible line up of performers, wonderful ambiance and nearby parking. This place attracts both women and men who appreciate great music.

5. Yoga Classes – Hands down this has to be the best place to meet women. Estimate: the odds are generally 10 women to one guy. Trust me, women have a soft spot in their hearts (or soles) for a guy who happens to wander into a beginner yoga class. Do a little research and find a beginner classes and start there. You’ll thank me.

6. Bookstores – Hey, it’s where we hang out. Note: over 67% of all books are sold to single women. You do the math. Suggested activity: Simply ask a question: “Is this author any good?” or “Have you read this?”  This is the way conversations start. Note: Green Apple Books opened  a new store near 9th Avenue and Lincoln Way. What are you waiting for?

7. Cupcake Shops – (Think “Sprinkles” of the famed Oprah ‘Best Pick’ genre). Okay, sweetie, so we indulge. Sit down. Have a cup of coffee and engage. The best question for you to ask might be: “Which is your favorite?” or “I want to buy my mom something special- what do you suggest?”

8. Peet’s – Women of a certain age prefer Peet’s over Starbucks and eschew Formica tabletops. Coffee shops – smile and say “Hi.”

9. Wine Shops – (D & M Wines, Beltrammo’s, Wine Impressions, BevMo ) aren’t we all looking for the same thing: a decent Pinot noir and a Bon Soir? Speak. Say hello, ask questions. 

10. The Best Place – On the Streets of San Francisco: in the elevator, walking into the store, on the 38 Geary, after the movie, at Ocean Beach, at the Sports Basement, the dog park, at church/temple,  at dim sum, at Cafe Trieste, See’s, the Marina Safeway, the Farmer’s Market, at Best Buy, at the library, in the waiting room…opportunities abound to say ‘hey’ and a follow up, “How are you?” Trite? No, Tried  true and successful.

Every single day, there are multiple opportunities to say hello. 

Remember the best line ever scripted in the History of Boy Meets Girl is, “Don’t I know you?”statues-142190__180

 Go Giants! The San Francisco Giants playing in the World Series attracts the attention and passion of  more San Francisco Women than any other sport.

Psst, guys: Here’s a little secret:

You might be happy with Sunday/Monday Night football, March Madness, and the myriad sport shows that are on every day on every channel, however, my research indicates: girls, not so much.

Be brave. Toss the remote, walk away from the mouse and monitor and get out there and play!

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Bronze buddah in the park


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Women like Flicks, Movies, Matinees, Film Stars and

The Mill Valley Film Fest is  All That

Hearts on a line


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