Suddenly Single… Minded

Welcome to the Wild and Whimsical World of Internet Dating

Six signs you are being dumped

If the current “Love of your life” has suddenly evaporated and you’re wondering, “What happened?”

Read on.

The Six Telltale Signs You’re Being Dumped:

1.)    The silence is deafening. The cold shoulder is glacial..
2.)    They don’t respond to text messages, phone calls, or e-mails.
3.)    Finally, when you do speak to them,  it’s-“Oh, sorry. I’m going out with friends,” or “I’m busy,” or the most common lie of all, “I’ll call you later.”
4.)   They send you a text message that says, “I need some space, I know you understand.” Seething, you think ‘space’?  What are you- some kind of astronaut or just a coward?”

5.) You run into them and the temperature -once hot-hot-hot drops to the “Ice Age” replete with a cold shoulder, the proverbial air kiss and excuses like, “Oh, look at the time, gotta run.  I’ll call you.”

6.) He calls and asks you to go for a “walk.” Not a hike, not a picnic, not date or an event.  A w-a-l-k. Yellow lights should be flashing: Caution!  A walk means: “We need to talk,” which translates to: Hasta la vista, baby! Be prepared. Be smart, and be ready to walk away.

What Kind of Fool Am I?

What do you do when two out of the five signs telegraph it’s over?
Be careful: choices, so many choices. Pulling a Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction is not your best idea. Forget looking for the bunny stew recipe online. Don’t even think about doing the creepy Play Misty for Me or acting like Charlize Theron’s sloppy, tawdry role in Young Adult  – another bad idea and worse movie.

Pick yourself up by your designer, black-leather boots, and start walking.
The fact the current love-of-your-life has acted so dastardly now-not five months from now- is a good thing.

Repeat after me, “Next!”  The best is yet to come…cupcakes


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