Suddenly Single… Minded

Welcome to the Wild and Whimsical World of Internet Dating

After the Break Up: Top 4 Tips for Moving On


Move on, dream on, dream big

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Okay, life happens.

So you got temporarily toppled by a rocky, challenging chapter in life

(a separation, divorce, break-up, hiccup- call it what you will.)

At one point, friends may tell you it is time to get back on the horse.   Oh! You’ve never ridden a horse?

Okay, time for a new metaphor: get back on the bike. What? You say the sleek and fancy, tres cher, Titanium (too Specialized? Too Trek-y?)  bike with tires as thin as black licorice intimidate you?  You prefer a pastel pink Schwinn bicycle with fat tires and pink streamers flying in the wind? Take it at your own speed.

Get Back in the Dating Game

Whatever mode you decide upon – it is time to dream big and move on. Sure, your heart might have been hurt or shattered. Take the time to do the grieving; stick pins in the voo doo doll; write in your journal; take long walks and short naps and snap out of it.

You can do this. It’s time to take the shroud off your heart and get out there and dabble in the

Suddenly Single Playground of Life, aka Dating World.

Top Four Tips for Moving On and Into a Real Social Life

#1. Get out. You aren’t going to meet anyone in your living room. Get out of the house.

#2. Go where the action is: – not the library, not the far left front pew at church or synagogue. See Top 10 Places to Meet Men.

#3. Tell all your friends you are ready to date. Sign up for online dating – today, the top three sites are,  and OkCupid…Could change tomorrow. These spend more money on advertising than the next 10 sites, combined. There are hundreds of online dating sites –buyer beware as you review some of the more bizarre – fly by night-  dating sites.

Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter:

Catholic Date is too Opus dei…and OMG, is too trippy. is rife with ethical  problems, and the infamous Ashley Madison is the adultery niche market. Any dating site with the word “adult” in it the title will not be PG-17.

#4. Flirt Often. Once you are on – up and running on a dating site – for the best results you must: Flirt three times every day.  Send a short – one line note to – three different people – every day. What to say? Easy:  “Enjoyed reading your profile. We have some things in common. Take a look. Hope to hear from you.”

Make it simple, succinct, polite, and inviting. Go ahead – give it a whirl… Leave Heartbreak Hotel and move into happier spaces and places.

The best half of your life is waiting.

“I believe that it’s better to be looked over than it is to be overlooked.”   Mae West

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you imagined.” Henry David Thoreau


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