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Shopping for Chapeaus – the madder, badder hatter wins

Get a hat and get ready for the Kentucky Derby

“Daily Double Shopping for Chapeaus”

Perfecta! Bolt over to the mother of all hat stores, Berkeley Hats, for an exquisite topper – to be worn both for Mother’s Day and for the Kentucky Derby.

Win, Place: Show Off the hat

First and foremost: Get the hat – the bigger, the better. You  will be a fashion Daily Double when you don a new chapeau for the event. Across the board, a big hat (no petite European fascinator need apply) is always a winner. This is where you aspire to be a ‘Mad Hatter.”

Second, research Saturday’s $2.2 million race at Churchill Downs. This year’s Kentucky Derby has been dubbed the ‘Year of the Women’ –even though there are no women jockeys and no fillies running in the actual race.


Finally, get savvy about the over-the-top Derby fashion, the race history, stats and winning horses’ names. An inordinate amount of time leads up to the actual race. So, it’s hours of partying, horse talk and betting, in preparation for the fleeting and mercurial race.

As you sip mint juleps and discuss Daddy Long Legs, Take Charge Indy and Optimizer – Enjoy the longest two-minute race of the year speeds by in HD.

All dressed up and nowhere to go? Check out the Derby Party: Harry Denton‘s Starlight Room Sosh Event. 

(When in San Francisco: Beware the meter maids of the Marina.)

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