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‘Updated’ Shortest Fairy Tale – new and improved


It went viral – The World’s Shortest Fairy Tale – was all over the Internet.

Bitter or Better?

Let’s try that again..

imagesOnce upon a time”… a man asked a woman, to marry him.  The woman said, ‘ No’ …and for a while  she lived pretty -happily-ever -after…

She went shopping, hiking, went to movies and volunteered at Casa de los Madres and Onebrick…she danced, frequented museums, book readings, drank really great wine, always had a clean house, did yoga three times a week;  cooked quinoa, tofu, brownies and  triple chocolate chip cookies when she felt like it; she did whatever she wanted, never argued, didn’t get fat, traveled more, had many friends, compatriots, pals,  buddies  …

She entertained, went to lectures, bowled, she played and prayed – as needed.  She never watched sports ( except the SF Giants, the World Series, the Super Bowl and Wimbledon)  She never wore itchy cheap lingerie; had high self-esteem, never cried or yelled…she looked fabulous in
sweat pants,  designer  jeans and a Little Black Dress  and  was pleasant all the time.

photo_1ben918_20060901Yawn. All that got old.

She learned that she was missing an important component…she craved and pined for someone  to partner with, establish  a connection – a union – a much more than mere friendship person.

She wanted to hold hands with, to wake -up -with-in-the morning, to kiss good night and wish ‘sweet dreams’ to every night for the rest of her life. ilove u_-9

She wanted a Prince of man   

A  perfect partner-in-crime, and play, in plans, to grow old with … And she opened her heart and her eyes and developed a more worldly view.  She was always one to share and play well with others…

When, lo and behold: she met a friend. A boy-friend – and they clicked- they were a Match, they had Chemistry and Harmony… they got along and enjoyed each other’s company. Friends for Life. They planned, played, and lived happily ever after.

Deckchairs with view of lake

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