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Sweet Valentine’s Day ideas

Top 10 Valentine’s Day ideas

  1. KissesSweeter than Wine– seek out small amounts of exquisite chocolate at Chocolate Covered  andRecchiuti at the Ferry Building
  2. Just KiddingI Dream a Dream– Play and let your child-like creativity and imagination soar at the magical Disney Museum located at the Presidio.
  3. Floral Fantasy Spring is in the Air – Hallelujah! – Stroll through Golden Gate Park to see acres of tulips, daffodils and pink popcorn like cherry blossoms in full bloom.
  4. Happy Together You Make Me So Very Happy– Enjoy a progressive meal – Arrive on Muni or Bart to Market Street and walk through Union Square, grab a coffee at Rulli, continue up very colorful Grant Street to Chinatown, cross bawdy Broadway to North Beach to have appetizers and a beverage; continue to Fisherman’s Wharf for a crab cocktail; treat yourself. Irish Coffee,  anyone? Take the Cable Car back.
  5. Poetry in Motion I’m in the Mood for Love – Pick up a slim volume of poems by Billy Collins, Kay Ryan, or Mary Oliver – Memorize one poem.
  6. Watch it – I only have eyes for you – and Seasonal Celluloid. Romantic chick flicks are fun, light, romantic and inexpensive. Imagine An Affair to Remember or join the Jane Austen Book Club. Be happy together.
  7.  Come Fly with Me-Love Potion Number Nine- get thee to – Swan’s Oyster Depot on Polk Street.
  8. Get Nautical – Hey, Big Spender – Take the Sausalito Ferry and – walk the line – from the ferry to fabulous Tommy’s Wok – best Chinese Food in all of Marin.
  9. Gifted? Make Someone Happy – read The 29 Gifts and skip to the generous of spirit theme. Next: pay it forward.
  10. Smile and Say Hello, Hello, to three strangers every day this week. And next week, too.

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