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Top 10 – where the boys are in San Francisco


Where does a woman in San Francisco go to meet men?

Extensive research indicates that men generally are not at the yarn store, in yoga classes, in cooking classes or attending a spirituality weekend. Remember the 1960’s bikini-beach-boy-meets-girl movie, “Where the Boys Are”? Take a page from that book.

Finding your true north

Today it doesn’t require a GPS, compass or a map to locate men in San Francisco. Seek and you shall find. The first installment:

photo_6303_20080612gloveThe Top 10 Places to Meet Men

1. Giants Baseball GamesThere are more single men at one Giants game than all of Union Street on any four Friday nights combined.

You do the math. Baseball is bigger, better and more entertaining than the old stand bys: NPR, the New Yorker and Meet the Press.  At a Giants game you get a whole team (25 men on a team – 9 on the field). These athletes are all at the top of their game, literally. In addition, you get shopping: T-shirts, accessories, hats; granted, orange / black is the complete color palette. There is a Jumbo-tron for even more sensory overload- exciting music, food and drink everywhere and a totally convivial atmosphere. What’s not to like?

2. REI – Guys are into verbs.

They run, jump, jog, hike, climb, camp, spelunk, swing, hit, paddle, row, lift, toss, throw, thump, thwack, bounce and batter…you get the idea. And what better store to buy all those handy objects to do verbs with? REI is the ultimate sporting goods store. Also Sports Basement and Sports Authority.

The strategy, ladies, is to ask questions. As a rule, men who frequent sporting goods store generally know from table tennis and fly rods and avalanche transceivers. Care about a carabiner? You’ll learn ‘quick-draw’ has nothing to do with guns and that information on the Seven Simple Machines you learned in sixth grade may come in handy (pulley, lever, wedge, etc.) If you want to know the difference between tents and tense –ask a man.

3. Wine Tasting Events – See the East Bay Express, the Pacific Sun, and theChronicle’s Pink Section  for great updates on the 4-1-1- for Wine Events. We are very fortunate to live in Northern California and to have Napa and Sonoma mere miles away. Wine can be a pleasure, a hobby, a passion and a necessity. Well known fact: men flock to wine tasting events.   See  “ Top Ten Things to do in San Francisco”


Fall is in the air and the Wine Country is humming, “I’ve Got a Crush on You.”

It’s that time. Remember in college you asked every guy you met, “What’s your major?” Now the query of the age is, “What’s your favorite wine?”

4. Dog Walking – Crissy Field, Fort Funston, Stern Grove, I know a woman who borrowed her neighbor’s Black Lab to use as a prop when she walked through North Beach, and that’s how she met her beau. Yes, a new meaning to ‘attention getting devices.’ Dogs: not just man’s best friend, anymore.

5. Andronico’s/Mollie Stones/Trader Joe’s/Bryans – Mondays and Friday night – 6pm – 9pm. Grocery Stores  are teeming with single men. Women tend to shop on Saturdays and Wednesdays – and men tend to shop on Friday/Monday (yes, this applies to Safeway, Rainbow and Whole Foods)

For more info: See Saturday in San Francisco and tomorrow’s column:  

The Conclusion of the Top Ten Places to Meet Men in San Francisco.

Observations re: Getting Specialized with Bicycles, golf, more wine and the gym.dog2_7501_20080925Dog Walking


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