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Top 10 Things to Do in San Francisco on Saturday

In response to  “What is your ideal Saturday in San Francisco?” readers sent in a ton of suggestions.

Some say their Best Saturday has one – or all of- these components: coffee, exercise, culture, errands, and food shopping, cooking for the week and playing with friends.
Others are on a perpetual quest to find a new movie, a new great wine or discount tickets to the theater or live music. For some it is a day of rest and restaurants.
The readers have spoken.

1. Put on the green belt- tons of you head straight to a  park and  bike, hike, jog, stroll, and explore every acre of Golden Gate Park, or Lands End… many walk the dog and the kids concurrently, others go to the De Young or the California Academy of Sciences

2.Sweet – Check out Fort Mason site of the awesome Orchid Show, multiple Crafts fairs, Wine Tastings…Greens restaurant…book sales with the Friends of the Library- there is always something happening

3.Have a belt – Gino and Carlo’s Bar- in North Beach this is the place to go for a glass of  ‘the hair of the dog that bit you’.


4.Tighten your belt – some admit to sitting down, paying bills and doing “hi finance.” (Hi, can you finance this loan?)

5. Hit the tarmac – Running and playing: at the gym, to pilates class, golf lessons, tennis, yoga, camping, fishing, gardening, back packing, skating in the park. You get the idea.

6. Need time? See Timeless Treasures on Sutter for a Francophiles romp in the world of gifts, baubles, home decor, candles,  gorgeous earrings, rings and things…then time to dine: Sweet Lime for really super Thai food.

7.The Fast Track – Legions of bikers pull on the spandex, fancy shoes, helmets, Camel-packs and ride their bikes to the Embarcadero across the Golden Gate Bridge and back and scale the famous 40 hills of the City.

8. On a Mission- The Mission District has more new restaurants and cafes opening up, per block, than any other part of the City. Check it out. I like  Delfinos. Bakery Tartine is the very best bakery in SF and worth the wait.

9. The Golden Ghetto ~ on Saturday mornings~ the sight of the famous Farmer’s Market.  See the aubergine and tangerine, enjoy quaffing champagne, or sample at the Caviar Bar,   select super  picnic items, revel in the sweet smells of butter, sugar and cinnamon wafting from the numerous bakeries, indulge in a Blue Bottle coffee...enjoy the towers of stunningly beautiful fresh flowers, and gaze at the  tres cher  Cowgirl creamery cheeses ~walk along the water …everything is pretty darn seductive and suggestive. Can you say: An Affair to Remember?

10 . After you been ” Erranded”  – head over  to the East Bays’ Best Movie Theater – Rialto Cinema Cerrito Location:10070 San Pablo Avenue El Cerrito, CA, 94530   Phone: 510-814-2400

Great  current movies – Couches, tables – Waiter/food delivery service, 5 Beers on Tap, Wine, Yummy food – delivered to you on your couch – or comfortable chair/table  or theater seating.

Have a great Saturday! And tell me, how that’s working for you?


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