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Start Flirting- playing with a full deck – of Flirting Cards

Are you playing with a full deck?

New flirting cards are flying across tables everywhere.

Douglas  was sipping a latte at Cafe Trieste in North Beach, finishing the New York Times crossword puzzle, when it happened.

The cute brunette crossed the room, stood at his table and handed him a card. She smiled, turned, and walked out of the bustling café.

The glossy black card said, “Notification of Attraction: I find you attractive.” He turned the card over and found a phone number scribbled in pink ink and the following: “In order to speed things up, I decided to Flirt Wildly with this card. I will be here tomorrow at 10 am — be here — or call me — if you desire further contact. I’m feeling lucky — here is my phone number. Member of the Flirt Wildly Committee.”


Flirt Wildly With a Card?



Once upon a time, the most generic way to flirt with another person involved one of the following: a wink, a smile, or a verbal greeting consisting of (choose one)

  • A) Hey.
  • B) Is this seat taken?
  • C) How are you?
  • D) Have I seen you here before?
  • E) What are you reading?
  • F) I’d like to get to know you.

Yes, they were tried and true — a little predictable, and effective.

Flirting 101 is as simple and easy as a smile, an attentive gaze, a gentle touch. It’s subtle and says, “I find you attractive.” Usually props are not required. Both men and women have been known to drop their business card off to a potential date with a quick, “I hope you’ll call me.” Yes, visions of George Clooney in “Up in the Air” do come to mind.

Step Two Flirting for women involves playing with a strand of hair, the subtle licking of lips, smiling, leaning into a conversation and talking, laughing, and lots of eye contact.

No cards required. Just a stream of verbs and nouns linked together. Since Eve, this technique has proved to be very powerful.

Flirting Cards — by any other name — have been around for years. Some love them and some call it the “chicken” way out. Douglas says he sees women in San Francisco ‘dealing cards’ — handing out cards to attractive people — and it looks promising. And, he has a date with a cute brunette.

If you have had too much Old Maid or Solitaire, amp up the flirting and get back in the game.

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