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Prince Charming? He’s taken…What’s on your List?

Feeling like Cinderella or Goldilocks: is dating too hard, too hot, or too cold?

Molly is a 50-something-year-old, San Francisco executive who is attractive, smart and driven. An avid – enthusiastic – dater, she readily admits she really knows what and who she wants.

Ironically, we met at a recent Human Awareness Institute weekend event about ‘Finding Love and Exploring Options.’

Over lunch, Molly confided that she had created a list of the “Top 101 Traits” she wanted in the man of her dreams. Incredulous, I asked her if she would be willing to share her long list with me. She whipped out her iPhone and pulled up the lengthy -very specific list – which went on – ad naseum. She wanted a man who: played tennis, bridge, and chess; no Mensa members; must be a BMW driver, should be 5’8, weigh 168, and have alabaster skin. She wanted Mr. Right to have a full head of hair, preferably black hair; he should have 20/20 vision, and preferably blue eyes. She was specific about the kind of clothes he should wear (do they even make Sulka silk robes anymore?) and she even listed some of the books that he should have read.

Making a list and checking it twice?

At the break, I tried to gently talk Molly down from the (read: ludicrous) shopping list she had created. However, compromise was not in her vocabulary. She knew what she didn’t want: no doctors or lawyers need apply. She said her first two husbands – one of each- taught her a lesson. This time around she was looking for a more spiritual connection, somebody with whom she could eat, love, and pray. When I asked her about her success rate, she blushed and admitted she was at the workshop for one reason: to find a man. She agreed to keep me posted on her successes.

This woman will never be listless.

Magic or manipulated?

That evening, I saw her at the juice bar, sitting close and gazing into the eyes of a man.  Molly appeared to be deeply engrossed in a conversation with a blue eyed, fair skinned man with a mane of black hair. I wonder if he kept his silk bathrobe in his BMW?

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