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SF Man Wants: A date for life – Reward: $10K

Bundle of Dollars MoneySingle man in San Francisco seeks the woman of his dreams. Willing to pay $10,000

Local man about town,  Chas is too busy to date – but not too busy to create a sweet website and offer $10,000 to the bounty/booty hunter who lands him a wife. Single, straight and 40, Chas of San Francisco is looking for the love of his life and is willing to pay a savvy matchmaker to set up the date – take a number and stand in line.


San Francisco tolerant of gold diggers?

Well before the Gold Rush of 1848, San Francisco has had a reputation for tolerance. Throughout its colorful history, the city has embraced a lively parade of characters including Lily Hitchcock Coit, Emperor Norton, as well as a number of narcissistic mayors who will go un-listed. San Franciscans are famous for tolerating unusual behavior.

Character analysis: How much is that bachelor in the window?

One can only guess that Chas — the bachelor (likes Scrabble, tequila and To Kill a Mockingbird) — grew weary of the tried and true forms of meeting, dating and falling in love. The clever man has decided to try a new technique: Pony up $10,000 and create a promotional website replete with multiple pictures of him doing the things he likes to do most – reading, Scrabble, serving cocktails and skateboarding. What’s not to like?

He is a cute guy and gets big points for creativity and marketing. One wonders, is his life coach of 10 years responsible for this romp? There is a story here, you say — a life coach for a decade? Is there a new reality show brewing here?fabric-685253__180

Really, what is reality?

Sure, it’s been done for centuries: paying a matchmaker for the perfect match. Bravo-TV’s tawdry the Millionaire Matchmaker, with the shrill and hyper-opinionated Patti, may be too rich for Chas. However, this cyber caper begs the questions: Is Chas for real and a true romantic? Is he a bon vivant or lacking a certain je ne sais quoi?

Hey, Chas is a smart man – he is creative and he knows the difference between marketing and public relations. If you know the perfect woman for Chas — a woman willing to date a man who created a website and is taking reservations — check out

Character is higher than intellect. 

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson



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