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The best date ideas-Summertime in the City

  14 Extraordinary Great-Date-Ideas.

Hop on a bike, a paddle board, a bus, a car or a  ferry and get thee to the City.

  1. Best bakery for impressive treats: Baker and Banker  Try the sublime:Chocolate Chip and Pecan Sticky Buns, Brown Butter Cinnamon Rolls and the decadent Almond Brioche Toast for two,svp.
  2. Best beginner yoga for couples: The Mindful Body  Stretch a lilttle  and check out all classes with ‘Dee B’. You’ll love her.
  3. Best place for an awesome burger date (expensive) – Lark Creek Steak at Westfield Center
  4. Best rooftop date restaurant with a spectacular view of San Francisco at the exotic Medjool
  5. Best place for a coffee and tres gourmet donuts date: Dynamo donuts
  6. Best elegant brunch date: the famed Big Four Restaurant  at the Huntington hotelSmile when you say, Mimosa.
  7. Best place for climbing the wall together-  Planet Granite  
  8. Best comfort food, cooked at home, dinner date: Ciao, Baby!  My Nonni’s Italian Raviolis and Meat Sauce
  9. Best vegan and unique restaurant – out in the Avenues- for a hot date Outerlands
  10. Best place to wander around on a Saturday morning- the San Francisco Farmer’s market at the Ferry building
  11. Best all-time, most scenic, walk: venture across the Golden Gate Bridge; or explore the hills and dales of Golden Gate Park – an explosion of beauitful spring flowers and colors
  12. Best bookstore in San Francisco: West Portal Books 
  13. Best trivia night:the Broken Drum in San Rafael,  with the famed emcee with panache, Howard Rachelson
  14. Best downtown Saturday night entertainment: Blues performer Earl Thomas and the Blues Ambassadorsbiscuit and blues


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