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Where to Kiss in Frisco? The Top 10 List

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Everyone knows that San Francisco is famous for buss zones, kissing booths and exotic hot houses.

Where are these romantic locations?


There are dozens of dreamy, romantic places to snuggle, smooch, osculate, woo, and caress and kiss.

The City’s Top 10 Romantic Rendezvous Sites:

1. The Top of the Stairs at Broadway and Lyon. Most people don’t know about this very secret, breathtaking location. The picturesque view of the City is utterly romantic and inspiring.

2. Under the Clock of the Ferry Building

The Golden Ghetto, on Saturday mornings, the sight of the famous Farmer’s Market. See the aubergine and tangerine, enjoy quaffing champagne, or sample at the Caviar Bar, select and assemble divine picnic items, revel in the sweet smells of butter, sugar and cinnamon wafting from the numerous bakeries, indulge in a Blue Bottle coffee…Enjoy the towers of stunningly beautiful fresh flowers, and gaze at the over the moon-Cowgirl Creamery cheeses. Walk along the waterfront …The whole package is pretty darn seductive and suggestive. Can you say: An Affair to Remember?

3. The corner booth at The Grand Café. (Geary and Taylor) It’s all about location, location, location. Sexy, seductive, alluring and private. Ambiance. Fabulous hors d’ oeuvres and great mixologists.

4. Behind the Red Door: Taize at Trinity   

You enter the pitch-black church (Trinity Church), lit only by a burst of ruby red candles lining the altar and an array of glowing, golden candles flickering on the side altars. You have found Taize.

Pick up a lighted votive candle and a handout. Take a seat in the front of the serene, beautiful stone church. The evening starts with a reading (could be Rumi, Thoreau, Wayne Dyer, the Bible) and the amazing lead singer begins with stunningly beautiful hypnotic chants. Sometimes the people in the pews are vibrant other times quiet and meditative. Sit close and share the candle and chant along with the rapturous singing. A night to remember.

5. The Elite Cafe – the Jewel in the Crown of Fillmore Street. It don’t mean a thing if you don’t – arrange for an exclusive and romantic booth. Password: Meetinghouse Biscuits.

6. Sweet – A chocolate by any other name would be as sweet? You will be starry-eyed as you leave divine and sublime XOX truffles in North Beach- with a small box of San Francisco’s real “treat”. The quality and richness of the 27 unforgettable yummy flavors are sure to entice and excite.

7. Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco’s most majestic and remarkable shrine…originally created for the 1915 World’s Fair by the incredible visionary Bernard Maybeck …Most romantic sport: near the columns, under the statues of weeping women, at the lagoon or undulating grassy area – all qualify as stimulating~

8. Golden Gate Bridge, anytime of the day, must be mid-span…even with the infamous summer fog and wind whipping about – The ‘GGB’ is one of the City’s most romantic and frantic destinations.

9. The Pier – Crissy Field, the only pier pressure, you will find us from your gull-friends swooping overhead. 360 degree views …Crashing waves, frothy white caps, sometimes blue skies and a breathtaking skyline.


10. The Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park – known as the spun sugar palace, replica of Kew Gardens, is all good things: sultry- sexy and steamy.  A real Hot House…Bonus ~Beautiful flowers in abundance. A must: Buss behind the begonias…or, in front of the freesias.

Hey, get on the buss. Everyday is Valentine’s day in Romantic San Francisco.

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