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Sweet San Francisco treats- first date ideas

First date? Avoid the mundane

and the predictable: kick it up a notch.

Meeting at Starbucks for a coffee-date lacks imagination. If you’re meeting someone for a business deal, Starbucks is fine: predictable, consistent and dull. If you’re meeting somebody for the proverbial coffee- date, pull out the stops- get creative.

San Francisco has a kaleidoscope of choices for fun and unique coffee shops:

Check out Bob’s Donuts on Polk Street or the famed North Beach institution, Cafe Trieste, or you might want to get a cup of exceptional Blue Bottle coffee with six stores around the City. However, for a real kick, head over to Dynamo Donuts.

A Sweet Deal

Sure, Bob’s Donut’s has been a sweet hangout for people wanting top-of-the-line donuts for decades. The newest jewel in the carb crown is Dynamo Donuts and Coffee. Tongues are wagging and people are salivating over the much talked about $3.00 donuts at Dynamo in the Mission District.

The Maple Glazed Apple Bacon donut (yes, bacon) is a sell out- as is the unique Lemon Pistachio donut. Seriously, the Chocolate Rosemary Almond donut is ever so yummy. If you are going to eat donuts- the go-to sweet shop in the City is Dynamo Donut – a very happening place. Your date will be impressed.

One Lump or Two?

Forget funky. The old Formica tabletops and hand made signs on the wall coffee shop is, okay, -eclectic – and not a great first impression. Rather: check out the elegant Sugar Lump. Called the “best looking java shop.” Sugar Lump Coffee Lounge is famous for exceptional organic coffee – and an impressive menu including delicious empanadas (mushroom, spinach, California veggie, smoked tofu chorizo & potato) Tres elegant.

I Scream – You scream

Since you are in the neighborhood – just down the block from Dynamo is another marvelous Mecca for sweets- the ice cream store extraordinaire: Humphrey Slocombe.  Want the best coffee ice cream date ever? Try the delicious Blue Bottle Vietnamese coffee ice cream. Each day the  dozen gourmet and unusual (Foie gras, really?)  ice cream flavors change.

Still not impressed? Spoon into  a very special “Hot Mess” – a melange of Vanilla ice cream, butterscotch, bananas, topped with a cloud of Marshmallow fluff. 

More? Want more? Try a “Gabba Gabba Hey”  consisting of a dreamy Balsamic caramel ice cream, and ayummy brownie, served with Amarena cherries, topped with real whipped cream. What’s not to like?

Remember you can only make one first impression, make your ‘coffee-date’ a memory maker.

“Coffee makes it possible to get out of bed.  Chocolate makes it worthwhile.”

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