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Three new dating sites you haven’t seen


Are you bored by the same old song

and same cast of characters on and Eharmony- month after month?

If you don’t consider the Frisky to be your cup of tea, and those so-called user-friendly adult sites are way too over-the-top and salacious, open your eyes and your browser to these three unique dating sites:

Best Nerdy Dating Site for Geeks

Hey, smarty pants, bet you will love The Square – If you didn’t attend an Ivy League school and can’t qualify for the stuffy The Right Stuff – go to The Square. It’s for the alumni and students of all the other stellar schools. Did you graduate from Pitt? Ohio State, Kansas University or Duke? You’re in! The Square is a little eclectic and worth a romp.

Sardonic Wit All Day – All the Time

If you are a big fan of The Onion – renown for “sardonic wit” –  check out cheeky Onion Personals. The irreverent Onion dating site is fuelled by the very youthful Zoosk -who claims: “Zoosk is the world’s largest social dating community.” Really? Don’t tell or Eharmony.You know, like minds attract, no? Take it for a spin and see what you think,

You Can Read Me Like a Book…

Got a penchant for prose and all those who do, too? Single Book Lovers (SBL) has a telling motto: Intelligent Readers seeking intelligent readers.This site may be for you if reading in bed is a goal. Perhaps you are seeking chemistry – of the intelligent variety?  SBL is called an “island of civility in today’s turbulent world.” SBL prefers good manners and good form – bravo.

Golden Oldies: 45 – the new 65?

The number of Senior Singles Sites multiplies every month.

And it looks like 45 is the new 65.

Senior dating sites – in every shade of gray- are popping up like tulips in the spring. Take your time – and look before you leap into (OurTime) any new dating site.

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