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The Great Escape to Sausalito this weekend

Get Out of Town: the Great Escape

Leave the fog and whipping winds of San Francisco and journey to the sunshine, sparkling blue water, majestic mountains, verdant forests and totally unique towns of Marin County.

First stop: Sausalito.

Once, just a place for San Franciscans to drive through with out of town visitors – Sausalito is now a very popular destination. Sausalito – has a teeming harbor of leisure boats and ships, paddle boats, kayaks, weekly music events in the park, and the famed Art Festival. Film Festival, Sweat Your Prayers on Sundays…ICB Art Shows, 333 Caledonia Special Events…A dozen really wonderful restaurants…You cannot beat the view from Spinnakers – San Franciscans have been flocking to the Spinnaker for generations!

Sausalito quietly boasts great waterfront restaurants and neighborhoods of colorful houseboats, impressive shopping, a cool Mediterranean feel and stunning views.

An accessible and leisurely walking city, you can take the Golden Gate Ferry from San Francisco or drive one minute north of the Golden Gate Bridge and be in a brand-new world. Amble down the rarely bustling Bridgeway – the main drag- and explore, eat, drink and be merry all day. Walk to the San Francisco  Bay Model. Stop in at Marin’s best Chinese restaurant, Tommy’s Wok.

Hot Retail Therapy Where the Locals Go

One block off the main drag is Caledonia Street. Pleasantly off the beaten track – the tree lined street is peppered with great restaurants, the movie theater and surprises.


Couples- and singles – retreat to Inside Asia, Inc. for the huge Red Tag Sale and unique inventory. See the impressive antiquities as well as accessories; including sculpture, artwork, textiles, jewelry, and clothing. Very notable furniture, singular wall hangings, artifacts, accent pieces- all at great price points. One customer exclaimed, “Inside Asia, Inc. is like an affordable Gump’s.”


So stay in San Francisco… and get impressed at the-  worth seeing-twice – Van Gogh and friends exhibit at the De Young.


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