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Top Six Mistakes – Dating Profile Blunders, Errors and whoops

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”   Mae West

So you’re ready to dive into the Internet dating pool, heart first? There is no such thing as a second chance at making a first impression. Decide what kind of splash you want to make and take time to craft your profile. Avoid these common “misteaks” and have fun.

The Top Six Pitfalls and On Line Dating Profile Errors:

1. The Big Hat and Sunglasses – never submit a photo of you enshrouded in a large hat and sunglasses. The photo screams, “I am hiding something – bad hair, no hair, tattoos, or evil squinty eyes or, my true age.”

2. Clichés are your enemy– avoid them – especially the very trite: ” Read my lips; I am man’s best friend; make my day; I want a meaningful relationship; no love lost; when you lie like a rug.” Please delete, “I love to laugh” Really? As opposed to, what? And side-step the swirl of ‘I look great in designer jeans or a little black dress; tuxedo/jeans, and skip the egregious glass – half -empty cliché. Finally, the worst whine line: “This is hard to write.” You can do it…millions have.

3. Spell check is your friend – Are you really a ‘Gentile giant’? Or an ‘empty half class girl’? Can you really look great in ‘a tuxedo and jeans,’ together?

4. Portrait of an Artist – with a digital camera – The photo of you, taken with a digital camera and a mirror, is a bad reflection on you. Honestly. You may think it is clever and unique. Sorry, it isn’t. Ask your friends, neighbors, kids, anyone, to take 10 photos of you inside, outside, sitting and standing. Choose three good ones. Post them.

5. Don’t overdo the Kodak moment – Frankly, Scarlett, most people don’t want to see 31 photos of you with: your six  cats, your car, a rose, a turtle, you at Burning Man, standing in front of somebody else’s home, or any of those generic photos of clowns, the beach, a glass of wine, sunsets, a turtle, or your pit bull. Simplify.

6. Join the “I Hate Winks Club”– The vast majority of daters on line detest the ubiquitous “wink”. A wink is evidence of the least amount of effort to reach out and impress someone. Writing, a simple “Hey, I enjoyed your profile and photo.” is clean, concise, easy and is purported to have 82% more response value.

This new chapter in dating should be fun, entertaing and accurate.

Sometimes one creates a dynamic impression by saying something, and sometimes one creates as significant an impression by remaining silent. Dalai Lama

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