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Heroes – the strong silent type – love these guys

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They are totally the strong silent types. Chances are, you’ve never heard of them. If you are lucky, you live next to one of them.

The East Bay Nation of Men is an ‘under the radar” group of men who make a difference and a contribution all the while supporting one another as men, friends and brothers. They “support and honor men, teams, family, and community”. That’s what I am talking about. EBNOM raised $15,000 and fed over 950 people on Thanksgiving last year. They spearheaded a very successful  literacy program at a local grammar school. They volunteer, en masse, to build community and to model active neighboring.

They took on a Herculean task to raise both money and support for the Arts in East Bay schools by organizing the world’s largest chalk drawing, “Kids’ Chalk Art Project: 2008”. Their lofty efforts were heralded in the Guinness Book of World Records.

They Are My Heroes

Some say they are a fusion of Jimmy Stewart, Jimmy Carter, Jim Carrey and James Taylor. Doctor, lawyer, painter, teacher, Everyman and Indian chief – their careers do not define them. They gather, talk, and support one another as well their community. Get this, they are men and they talk. Communicate. Express themselves and give of themselves.

The East Bay Nation of Men quest for solutions and wisdom, appreciate and revere nature, strive to have fun, and embrace irreverence and ritual in their endeavors. Words like ‘honesty’ and ‘purpose’ and ‘making a difference’ are bandied about. They support, and work with, one another with gusto. Webster’s defines Hero as: 1 a : a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities b : one that shows great courage. These heroes-next-door- deserve both recognition and admiration.

The world is a much happier, saner,  better place, thanks to the ‘hearty souls’ who make up the exemplary EBNOM.


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