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The Emmys – The Governor’s Ball + Foreign Press

Cinderella of the Foreign Press goes to the esteemed Governor’s Ball

There are two sides to the blazing Red Carpet entrance to the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. On one side you have “Them” on the other is “Us.” The steady stream of television stars smile, pose, wave, apply lip-gloss, pose for another photo and an interview and smile again. The attendees- employees of the networks: writers, directors, studio heads, Broadcast giants and just-plain-fans and lucky to get tickets, move in a different world.

In our Red Carpet line we were greeted, every three feet by another San Francisco 49-er football player-size security guard. The television viewing audience doesn’t see a phalanx of security guards (Ow! What? Is that cattle prod?) urging and directing all non-stars to “Keep moving. Keep moving. Keep moving.” along the Red Carpet.

All the while, Hurley from Lost is talking to you, Sophia of the Modern Family is inches away, and cute  Anthony Edwards from ER is standing mere feet away, and Tom Hanks is so close you could hug him, but you don’t.

Brits, Don Sheen and Hugh Laurie are in the house.

You see a woman in a blue satin, REI tent, who appears to forgotten to comb her hair, poor dear, and then, OMG, it’s preggers Madmen star, January Jones?   Tina Fey smiles and waves enthusiastically – to a person behind you.

Far and away, the most sought-after ticket at the Primetime Emmy Awards show is the esteemed Governor’s Ball.

After the Emmys, an announcer in the lobby says something along the lines of, “Ladies and gentlemen,  all attendees for the Governors Ball, please walk stage left, take the south escalator, and carefully cross the street to the most beautiful, dazzling, glamorous, exclusive  event of the year: the Governors Ball.   All the rest of you: goodnight, good luck. Buh bye”

The Governor’s Ball is approximately 3000 stars, luminaries, actors, ingénues, network executives, writers, directors, producers, fans and all the Emmy Award winners. There they are: television broadcast glitterati; masses of people swooning, schmoozing, staring, quaffing Champagne, smiling and attempting to be cavalier- while getting whiplash looking at the constant flood of all their favorite television stars.

Entertainment Tonight hosted a fabulous “Do Not Miss Party” with Cyndi Lauper as the headliner. Her stage was the sanctuary of the one time, very sacred, very famous, Catholic Cathedral for LA – now a happening nightclub: Vibiana.  Lauper recently reminded us all just how smart, quick, resourceful and talented she really is on Donald Trump’s really big show: “The Apprentice.”  She had the audience in the palm of her hand, the stage was thick with stars. Bonus: all in attendance got major swag bags filled with treats.

No Ticket? No Entrance?

At the Press Check-in table, a woman next to me said, “I’m with the Foreign Press.” The beleaguered 20-year-old girl with a clipboard, attempted to remain upright in 5-inch heels and a skirt, which could double as a belt.

Ms Miniskirts said, “Which press?” My new best friend said, “Gutenberg press.” I said, “Me, too,” and she said, “Okay, go on in.”

Had a beer with Ricky Gervais.



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