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Jimmy Fallon- the star of the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmys

emmystv_logoJimmy – Emmy – a Winning Combo and Fun Night

Despite a galaxy of stars – the energetic, funny guy with the best timing –

stole the show at the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.

Jimmy Fallon was an amazing Emmy emcee who knew ‘less is best’

and did a stealth, succinct, hilarious job of keeping the Emmys moving at a quick clip.

You had to be there- and I was at the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.

Encircled by a meteor shower of starlets and major film and television stars and floods of fans, it was a phenomenal experience. San Franciscans always marvel how Los Angeles is a short flight and a world away from our reality.

I See Red People: Nothing prepares you for the actual brilliance of the Red Carpet.

Not only is the color – ever-so- bright, it is enhanced by the glaring sunlight (Attendees are told: Please appear at the NOKIA Center by 3 p.m. to be seated by 4 p.m. and doors will close at promptly at 4:45p.m.)

The Red Carpet, itself, is dazzling, as is the sheer number of television stars being interviewed – before your very eyes by Entertainment Tonight, E, and a long, long line of microphone moving journalists from all over the globe.

The effervescent cast from Fox-TV’s Modern Family was inches away – all were very accessible and outgoing and talkative to fans. Award winning and outgoing, Jane Lynch from Glee – spoke to, posed with, and was wildly appreciated by hoardes of cheering, adoring and applauding fans.

Suggested Attire: Black Tie – No cameras

Bold /Caps directives requesting ‘Not to bring cameras and /or video cameras to the event, went unheeded.’ A crisp warning that ‘Security will confiscate cameras at the door’ gave all camera smuggling schemes pause. Momentarily. Security Personnel did attempt to “check all belongings at the door.” However, the anticipated 1200 Limos arriving, in unison- like locusts, plus dozens of motor coaches, scores of taxi cabs and private cars taxed the wannabe vigilant Security Personnel.

A quick glance at the Red Carpet – over 75% of the attendees, were taking photos with

i-Phones, cellphones and cameras.

Cinderella goes to The Governors Ball

continued, tomorrow.


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