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Playing with a full deck of Flirting cards? Solitaire or Old Maid- your deal

Are you playing with a full deck ?

New flirting cards flying across tables everywhere.

Burt T. was sipping a latte at Cafe Trieste in North Beach, finishing the New York Times crossword puzzle, when it happened.

The cute, brunette from across the room, walked up to his table and handed him a card. She smiled, turned, and walked out of the bustling café.

The glossy black card said, “Notification of Attraction: I find you attractive” He turned the card over and found a phone number scribbled in pink ink and the following, “In order to speed things up, I decided to Flirt Wildly with this card. I will be here tomorrow at 10 am – be here- or call me- if you desire further contact. I’m feeling lucky – here is my phone number. Member of the Flirt Wildly Committee.”

Flirt Wildly with a Card?

Once upon a time, the most generic way to flirt with another person involved one of the following: a wink, a smile, or a verbal greeting consisting of (choose one) A) Hey. B) Is this seat taken? C) How are you? D) Haven’t I seen you here before?  E) What are you reading?  F) I’d like to get to know you.    Yes, they were tried and true – a little predictable and effective.

Flirting 101 is as simple and easy as a smile, an attentive gaze, a gentle touch. It’s subtle and says, “I find you attractive.” Usually props are not required. Both men and women have been known to drop their business card off to a potential date with a quick, “I hope you’ll call me.” Yes, visions of George Clooney in “Up in the Air” do come to mind.

Step Two Flirting for women involves playing with a strand of hair, licking of lips, smiling, leaning in to a conversation and talking, laughing, and lots of eye contact. No cards required. Just a stream of verbs and nouns linked together. Since Eve, this technique has proved to be very powerful.

Flirting Cards – by any other name – have been around for years.

Some love them and others call it the “chicken” way out.  Burt T. says he sees women in San Francisco ‘dealing cards’ – handing out cards to attractive people – and it looks promising. Plus!  He has a date with a cute brunette.

Get in the Game:

If you have had too much ‘Old Maid’ or ‘Solitaire’, amp up the flirting and get back in the game. Cards Optional. Your deal.

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