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National No Pants Day – Revealing in San Francisco

Will People Skirt the Issue in San Francisco?

There is a movement afoot to try on May 6 as National No Pants Day.

Likely, those celebrating Cinco de Mayo at a famed tequila bar, like Tommy’s Mexican, and others swilling way too much Patron tequila- might feel inspired and inclined to participate in No Pants Day.

Would it Kilt You to Laugh?

This proposed fashionable holiday encourages people (more like members of the ephemeral 20 – 30 club) to don tiny miniskirts, very long shirts, wild boxers of every shape and color- the more bizarre the better. Is there a fashionable alternative?

Once upon a time,a long time ago, The Gap was the single, solitary, go-to-store for all non-Levi pants. Unlike today, the stores were very few and far between, and as popular as Margarita, last night.

Sexiest Store in San Francisco – Ladies Go Gaga for Kilts

Smart women park their cars at the Sutter/Stockton Garage, not because it is reasonable, but because around the corner is the sexiest store on Union Square.

No, Binkie, not Victoria’s-can’t keep a-Secret; the Kilt Store, also known as William Glen & Son.

In addition to a vast collection of stunning sweaters, tweeds, woolens, Scottish Whiskey and all things remotely Scottish, there’s always a good-looking man clad in a handsome kilt, standing around. Forget the hackneyed cliché about a man in a uniform; a man in a kilt is a thing to behold. William Glen & Son sells and, sit down for this, rents kilts. Now, that is inspired. You can rent a kilt. What a great solution to No Pants Day.

So, on No Pants Day, drop thou trou, thou bloomers, britches, pantaloons and pedal pushers.

Cancel your slacks and your sweats, chaps,and chinos.

and…Get kilt at William Glen and Son.

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