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Welcome to the Wild and Whimsical World of Internet Dating

Too many Dead End dates? Need a Dating Coach?

Charles was one of the most tenacious trial attorneys in California.

He kept long hours, lives in a drop-dead, gorgeous penthouse on Nob Hill and has no social life.  His little black book – his social register, lists women he has taken to the symphony, opera, and art openings or to the odd fundraiser. He is now backing off his law practice and semi-retiring. He wants more joie de vivre.

He has been divorced for seven years, his kids are “launched” and he has zero family on the West coast.  A senior partner in a huge law firm, he has more money than Croesus, has the cabin at Vail and a small villa in Mexico.

He recently called me to report he was finally, “Ready and willing to date.”

When I asked him to describe his “Dream Date” he said he was looking for an  “Ivy Leaguer, a professional, 20 years his junior, preferably another attorney,” so they could talk law, politics, and current events.”  That’s it? A man in his office had tried eHarmony and within a week found his doppelgänger date (another attorney, same age, both divorced, both had kids launched.) Charles thought that would be the ideal situation.  The customer is always right – until they’re not.

Wanted: My date for life

So, we gave it a whirl. We worked together to get Charles’ online profile up and running.  Note: When a client has a nonexistent social life and very few interests – it is a Herculean task to get them to look attractive and interesting – and to dispel the dismal workaholic- personality-effect. We decided ‘to emphasize the positive’ and mention skiing, the gym, the kids and his love of San Francisco and his wish to explore the City and spend more time having fun.  Charles was not shy about announcing he was looking for a “Date for Life.”

Take Two: Another Approach

Three months and eight dead-end dates later on eHarmony – Charles realized he did not want to mentally spar with someone, to debate the national debt crisis or talk about law. He realized he had better rapport with the waitress at the local diner than he did for the parade of beautiful, smart women from the dating company.  He was beginning to see the light.

If at first you don’t succeed try, try, try…

So, we tried again. He deleted his ‘Must be Mensa shopping list’ and decided to look for attractive women – in his age group, geographically acceptable –with whom he might have something in common.  What a concept.  He decided he wanted to learn to establish rapport, have fun, and get back into the dating game, slowly and methodically and enjoyably.   Admittedly, he’d been away from dating for so long he was stilted and awkward -despite all the flourish and banter of his courtroom career.

Charles is out there – so are Michael, Timothy, Randall, and Ben – men looking for a woman their age (around 50/60) to connect with, go to a movie and dinner with – go dancing –to have fun with…

Granted, it takes time, it takes effort, gumption and tenacity and it’s a lot of fun. Charles has put his high falutin’ ideas aside and is dating his decade, meeting interesting women and having more fun. 

If you’re thinking about getting in the dating game- give it a try – Contact me and let’s work together to get your online dating profile up and running.

Why waste another day?   Now, go outside and have some fun!


The Best and Worst opening lines

frog-prince-398828__180The Good, the Bad and the Ugly?

John in Los Gatos is friendly, fun and flirty. Note: Women love this. This is a “formula note” he sends out after a women has looked at his dating profile:         

Hello,  Thank you for perusing my profile. I like YOURS too. I was also lousy in Chemistry until entering the dating world. I notice you seek someone less that 47 miles away…Too bad I live 48 miles away (LOL kidding, it’s actually twice that distance;-). Three years ago I, too,  lived in SF – had a wonderful apartment on Chestnut & Van Ness.  I wish we had met on-line then! I used to run in Golden Gate Park (until knee surgery ended my running career and started my cool new biking habit;-) Thanks, again for the look! Best of luck in finding that very lucky local SF Dude. Ciao Bella, John in Los Gatos Huge Points for John who is proactive, positive, flirty and friendly. His ‘form letter’ garners more attention than a wink or  a one-liner. Go, John! frog-prince-398828__180

Mikey 68 (“a jock with bad knees but a good heart”) was a PE Major, not a creative writer,  hired a  professional writer to enhance his online dating profile.  They talked  – she took notes, and two days later, came back with Michael 101. He went from a bumbling Jimmy Kimmel to Jimmy Stewart. He debated about keeping his long past profession (Veterinarian)  out of the picture – she insisted he blatantly brag about being a Doctor. She said single women are on the look out for professionals. She also encouraged him to insert a passion for reading all things Jane Austen. She sent him links to Jane Austen for Dummies and The Cliff Notes.  She also changed his online name to  ‘Mr Darcy.” His opening line is, Call me Tall dark and handsome and I will follow you any where. Mr Darcy. His “ratings” went up. Way Up.

Tons of email every week

Michael/Mr Darcy  gets a ton of winks, emails, and canned greetings from women all over the country. Whether it is his picture, his winning personality/profession as a DR, his ghost-writer’s finesse in creating a faux Prince. He is only slightly embarrassed when women discover he has none of Mr Darcy’s attributes. Glib, he says Austen is ‘fiction.’  Truth or Dare? He is convinced he will meet a sweetheart. not_match-aTimbo  (62, hunter, NRA devotee, catches fish with his hands)  He lives in an “A-state.” He is looking for one woman with whom to spend the rest of his life.  The other three did not work out. Clever man, got ahold of an NRA Club roster. Timbo had 200 post cards made with his picture on them. He and his son addressed and stamped all the cards with the message: “Wanted: My Last Date. Must be single and like dogs.” He got a few nibbles…nothing panned out. Next, with the help of the librarian, he joined and  wrote: “Sugar Daddy seeks Hot Mama” much to the chagrin of Marian librarian. He was swamped with responses. At first, he was excited by all the attention. Then all the coffee shop dates, phone calls and driving “all over hell and high-water” to  meet all the s0-called “hot mamas”was exhausting. Throwing in the towel, Timbo says, he is quitting the dating business- he prefers the company of his dogs.bedhead030

Please recycle your Ex-sweetheart on Earth Day

Earth Day Recycle bags, bottles, and beaus.

Who are the Real Heroes of Recycling?

2015 Top Three Recyclers:

1. Fire and Light in Arcata  takes tons of old glass and fashions it into glorious rainbow colored plates, bowls, goblets, and candlesticks.Stained Glass

2. Green Citizen – Drop-off Recycling Their  Eco-Centers are open 7 days a week for electronics recycling drop-offs. Heroes! They recycle anything that plugs into the wall or runs on batteries.Hearts on a line

3. Karyn, the darling of the social set of Marin, throws an annual “Singles Romantic Recycle Earth Day Celebration”

She rolls out the green carpet; she conserves water and serves wine; she encourages everyone into the pool: arrive by carpool. Party favors are tiny redwoods seedlings. The colorful invitation, printed on recycled paper is printed with vegetable dye reads: BYOB – bring your old Boyfriend or Babe.

The Green Party – Recycle your old sweethearts

Partygoers must come in couples. Women bring a man they like and they would like to introduce to other women. Perhaps they once dated and there was affection, but zero chemistry. Guys do the same. Bring a friend – make a friend.

The way it works is: friends introduce friends and there is an underlying current of matchmaking and conviviality going on. This is the 9th year Karyn has organized the Romantic Recycling party. You can do the same. Your friends will be green. Invite them to a party and romantically recycle your friends.

Celebrate Earth and mirth.photo_11785_20090615peacock

Across the Bridge: Marin County has always been Green

It used to be, you couldn’t swing a cat in Marin without hitting a geodesic dome, a commune, a community garden, a hot tub replete with Peacock feathers or a yogurt maker. Times, they are a changing.

Now, everybody’s a little more subtle: a) no more swinging those cats, please and, b) everyone more discreet – composting is quiet.

Need a new Earth Day mantra? Go organic, change out light bulbs to CFLs; buy recycled, reuse; no plastic bottles. Conserve water – drink wine and, be sure to recycle your friends.

Do fake online dating profiles really work? You betcha


After a dry spell on EHarmony…

Mike hired a professional/ghost writer to enhance his online dating profile. They talked for 60 minutes – “Ms. Pennywhistle” took copious notes, and two days later, came back with the new and improved Michael 101.

He debated about keeping his profession as an MD out of the picture. She strongly urged him to front-load his profile with allusions to his career. She insisted the word “Doctor” was a chick magnet.  There is no real way to disguise the fact you are a doctor/Veternarian or a lawyer or an Indian chief – unless you are very discreet or delete the fact. Ms Pennywhistle insisted discreet had no place in a dating profile. The goal was to “Dazzle and Date a lot.”

Nom de plume?

She also encouraged him to insert a passion for reading all things Jane Austen. Next, she changed his online name to “Mr Darcy” and, voila! his “ratings” went up. Way up. A few well placed facts and some “true fiction” can really attract. Mr Darcy was encouraged to put  his salary at $150,000. Again, he was told this was a red hot  “chick magnet.” Keywords like Tesla, New Yorker, Buff, were plugged in.

Every week – de ja vu
Mike gets a ton of winks, emails, and canned greetings from women all over the country. Who knows if it is his picture, or his winning personality, his very creative ghost writer’s finesse in creating an online “Star.”

james-stewart-675177__180In the beginning...Michael, aka Mr Darcy, was loving the floods  of attention from some very attractive women. Week by week, he grew bored by the boatloads of e-mails.  Women from the A-States (Alabama, Arizona, Alaska, and Arkansas) found him very attractive. He noted he was not willing to travel more that 50 miles from his home in Millbrae. Hello.

He had a penchant for petite and voluptuous blondes. He first-dated a lot of “cute blondes,” and eventually grew bored by the whole scene.

In a burst of Sense and Sensibility- Mike dropped off the dating scene. No amount of Persuasion will get him back in the swim of things…for awhile.

He is reading Richard Price, Dennis Lehane and Richard Ford. He will never read Jane Austen.553

Top 10 Places to Meet Men in San Francisco, Part 2

photo_1875_20060814Looking for a few good men…

Mae West said, “It is better to be looked over than overlooked.”

Odds are, Mae West would tell you to push away from the computer, get off the couch and get out of the house in order to meet your playmate, soul mate, or new best friend.

The Top 10 Places to Meet Men in the City – Part Two

6. California Academy of SciencesThursday Nights at the Academy –No other place on Earth has a planetarium, an amazing natural history museum, an incredible aquarium and a four-story Rain Forest under one roof. The Academy is breathtaking, dazzling and awe-inspiring. For a mere $12 on Thursday nights from 6pm -10pm, come join in on the music, activities and one of the best events anywhere in the City. ( Across the yard…The deYoung Museum has musically-inclined Friday night events, too)

7. Sign up and Join a Club that is of interest to you, and they will follow. Suggestions? Sierra Club, a biking clubs, a writer’s group, a hiking group, book clubs, film groups. Check out Urban Diversion. Go to, which has vast, long lists of social groups to join from: Arts and Entertainment to Zydeco.


8.Volunteer at Special Events– There is no dearth of opportunities to volunteer in and around the City. Think out of the Box and Think: Car Shows, Golf Tournaments, SF Giant’s Games…

Or the San Francisco International Film Festival, Don’t miss Litquake, San Francisco’s most literary party – an October happening. Lend a hand at St. Anthony’s, or any number of Fort Mason’s Wine Tasting Events, Sierra Club hikes, the Human Race, various Writer’s Conferences. The big bonus here is that when you volunteer you get to attend the venue for free and mingle with the attendees.

candles-492171__180More altruistic? One Brick has myriad volunteer opportunities and ‘provides support to local non-profit and community organizations by creating a unique, social and flexible volunteer environment.”

Note to File: 75% of the volunteers at the Mill Valley Film Festival are single women.

9. To Gym or Not Gym – that is the question. A casual poll among friends, and a few strangers leaving 24 Hour Fitness, indicates no one admits to going to a gym to meet someone. My friend, Siobhan, says the Universal Sign for ‘Do Not Talk to Me’ is ears stuffed-with-earphones.

She tells single women to take the high road (or the “Hi!” road) and says ‘Hey’ to every man in the gym wearing earphones. She candidly reports, that despite the noisy naysayers, the gym is the best place to meet men. Go, figure.

10. Hardware Stores- Some men are real ‘Week End Warriors’ and they frequently go to worship at the altars of Goodman’s Lumber in Marin, Lowe’s and Brownie’s Hardware. Men love saws, drills, bits, tool belts and workbenches. This is the very best place to start your home improvement project and to ask questions. If you want a guy to carry a ‘torch’ for you or get a ‘quick grip’ and be a ‘fan’, hit a hardware store.

photo_3203_20070905Where Else Can You Meet Men?

On the streets of San Francisco: in the elevator, walking into the store, on the 38 Geary, after the movie, at Ocean Beach, at the Sports Basement, the dog park, at church/temple, at dim sum, at Cafe Trieste, See’s, the Marina Safeway, the Farmer’s market, at Best Buy, at the library, in the waiting room…The only limit is your imagination. Smile and say, “Hey.” I Double-dare you.

The Top 10 Places to Meet Men in San Francisco

Where does a woman in San Francisco go to meet great guys?imagesgiants

My dear, generally speaking, single men are not hanging out at the yarn store, yoga classes, cooking classes or at a spirituality weekend.

Remember the Bikini-beach-boy-meets-girl movie “Where the Boys Are”? It doesn’t require a GPS, compass or a map to locate ‘A few great men’ in San Francisco.

Here are the Top Ten Places to Meet Men:

1. AT&T Park– We’re talking the San Francisco Giants here.

Giants Baseball Games – There are more single men at one Giants game than all of Union Street on any four Friday nights combined. You do the math. Baseball is bigger, better and more entertaining than, even, Brad Pitt. At a Giants game you get a whole team (25 men on a team – 9 on the field). These athletes are all at the top of their game, literally. In addition, you get shopping for T-shirts, accessories, hats, granted, Orange / Black is the complete color palette. There is a Jumbo-tron for even more sensory overload- exciting music, food and drink everywhere and a totally convivial atmosphere. What’s not to like?

2. REI – Guys are into verbs.

They run, jump, jog, hike, climb, camp, spelunk, swing, hit, paddle, row, lift, toss, throw, thump, thwack, bounce and batter…You get the idea. And what better store to buy all those handy objects to do verbs with but, REI.

REI is the ultimate sporting goods store. Also see: Sports Basement and Sports Authority.

The strategy, ladies, is to ask questions. Generally, guys who are at a sporting goods store generally know from table tennis and fly rods and avalanche transceivers. Care about a carabiner? You’ll learn ‘quickdraw’ has nothing to do with guns and that information on the Seven Simple Machines you learned in sixth grade may come in handy ( pulley, lever, wedge, etc.) If you want to know the difference between tents and tense –ask.

3. Wine Tasting Events – See The Pacific Sun, the Pink Section and for great updates on the 4-1-1- for Wine Events. We are so lucky to live in Northern California and to have Napa and Sonoma mere miles away. Wine can be a pleasure, a hobby, a passion and a necessity. Well known fact: Single men flock to wine tasting

Fort Mason has Pinot Noir Days and the Tapas Society Wine Event coming up… Remember in college you asked every guy you met “What’s your major?” Now the query of the age is: “What’s your favorite wine?”

4. Dog Walking – Crissy Field, Fort Funston, Stern Grove: I know a woman who borrowed her neighbor’s Black Lab to use as a prop when she walked through North Beach, and that’s how she met her beau. Yes, a new meaning to ‘Attention getting devices’. Dogs – not just man’s best friend, anymore.

5. Andronico’s/Mollie Stones – Mondays and Friday night – 6pm – 9pm.Mollie Stones and Andronico’s are teeming with single men. Women tend to shop on Saturdays and Wednesdays – and men tend to shop on Friday/Monday (Yes, Binkie, this applies to Trader Joe’s, Rainbow and Whole Foods).

6. California Academy of Sciences – Thursday Nights at the Academy –No other place on place on Earth has a planetarium, an amazing natural history museum, an incredible aquarium and a 4-story rain forest under one roof. The Academy is breathtaking, dazzling and awe-inspiring.

Look For Top 10 Places to Meet Men Part Two

Mae West said, “It is better to be looked over than overlooked.”

I heartily nominate her for Patron Saint of Keen Observations and Irreverence. Odds are, she would tell you to get off the couch and out of the house in order to meet your playmate, soul mate or new best friend.

Michael Rodman – Artist

Check out: Women talk about dating, mating, men, shoes…

pumps-15Can we Talk? Oh, yes we can!

Women can reach a level of instant communication in line at Safeway or crossing the street at Union Square.

Needs no Introductions:

For many women – all it takes is four little words, like “I love your shoes.” These four little words from one woman to another can open a fleeting, 60-second, heart-to-heart conversation and then, bam! We’re on to the next totally, sincere, succinct conversation with another total stranger. It’s what we do.

Granted, conversations can be as deep as “Who does your hair?” or, “Your purse is open.”

Or we ask directions. As needed, all day long, we stop strangers for directions. On the Spanish Steps, across from St Peters, on Lombard Street or Rodeo Drive – we talk.

We ask questions, chat, exchange very personal information and we ask for help. (Sara D, lost and driving a rental car in Washington DC, asked a taxi driver to lead her out of our nation’s capital. She didn’t want to waste time on using silly old GPS or MapQuest. She simply paid the cabbie – no fuss no muss. Done!

Our motto is, “When in doubt, ask questions.” It is part of the Female DNA.

Are We Dating the Same Man?

While volunteering at the San Francisco Film Festival, I had a coffee break with Janie. Five minutes into our break, we discovered we had dated the same Lothario. (Note to Men: dozens of single women volunteer at film festivals, Litquake, special events. We talk.)

She said, she said

It turned out, last year we had both been on She started to warn me about Philip-the-millionaire-chef. I told her I, too, had dated “Chef,” for two months before he announced to he was off to Kenya for safari and would be back in awhile. Never heard from him again. No loss, no magic.

After their first five dates, Chef called Janie to say he was going helicopter skiing in Gstadd and would be back in two months. She never heard from him again. Curious, she Googled the guy.

The truth will set you fretting

She discovered the flamboyant, San Francisco native, a true social butterfly, left not-a-trace- despite elaborate stories about his famous family. Not a clue could be found. She spent hours Googling, researching, attempting to track down Chef – he had disappeared into the Ethernet.

The Chef disappeared – until he didn’t and he was back on

Janie, of too-much-time-on-her-hands, unlimited funds and insatiable curiosity, actually hired a private detective to find “Chef.” She was stunned to learn “Chef “was a Tenderloin tenant, not a Nob Hill resident; more of a transient than a chef extraordinaire and he was a weaver of web lies.

I had moved on and was in a delightful romance with a ‘Tango Dancer, English Major, Plein Air Painter’ from Albany who earned his keep ghostwriting biographies for jilted politician’s wives. He was making a killing.

Janie felt it was her duty to warn other women about “Chef, the weaver of lies.” It’s what we do.

Women talk. And the world is a better place for it.feminism-295245__180 Tal, talk ltalk___180

Party boy quits the SF Party Scene

The San Francisco Bon Bon vivant

Ron, of six parties a week, would glide into a room to a sea of handshakes and a cyclone of air kisses.  If you looked up the word bon vivant in the dictionary, Ron’s picture would be there.

Divorced for well over 12 years he was on the party circuit.  He was the party circuit. Jealously his friends dubbed him ‘Scout.’   In jest women called him Casanova, in a semi good-humored kind of way.  Remember, there’s an ounce of truth to all jest. At one time in his life, he was hot to trot now, the only thing haute he was after was cuisine.

After years of search and hunt – catch and release -and after one too many first dates – Ron decided to throw in the towel. Not only did he throw in the towel, but he laundered, folded and put the towel away. C’est fini.

He did something none of his friends had done before.

He gave up the chase.

He reconciled to be a bachelor for the rest of his life.

He had a plethora of female friends. There were women he went to movies with – women he hiked with, other women he went to shows and dinner with…there wasn’t one Single woman he was drawn to anymore.

Everyone knew about his best friend, Pearl – his Black Lab.

Ron had waxed rhapsodic about the perfect relationship he and Pearl enjoyed. She was the perfect companion. 

And then,  Ron met met Sally.


To Be Continued…

Please Google the Guy


For you Suddenly Singles and those brand new to Online Dating – read this classic story which bears repeating:

One woman’s story of love, lies, and deception.

 Dear Page Larkin,

I’ll be the first to admit that math is not my strong suit.
I don’t write down every check in a ledger and I around off all my numbers- it’s easier.

However, I can conjugate any verb in three languages. My participles never dangle, and I will never use a double negative. I studied Linguistics and Romance Languages and have a few degrees. None in math.

It was my best friend, Becky, who said those three words that started the beginning of the end of my romance with Donald.

We met online

 He was a filmmaker, inventor, skier, chef and jazz pianist. We were both 50 something from the Midwest. He was polite, attentive and free to travel. He had a varied and colorful career and was a talented storyteller.

He attended two Ivy League schools and Cal and had a veritable alphabet soup of miscellaneous degrees after his name. He mentioned Patents and some copyrights- all this fell on deaf ears. I was swept up in a blizzard of bliss and didn’t read any fine print.

Our rapid romance was both exciting, sexy and fun… and also somewhat unsettling.

As much as I liked Donald, and I did, there was something awry. Remember the fable about the Princess and the Pea? I couldn’t put my finger on it. There was something – was it too good, or too much?

Then my best friend in the whole world, Trixie, asked me a simple question – she asked me about Donald’s age and his accomplishments.

Blithely, I recounted a number of his careers and copyrights, his degrees and all the schools he told me he attended. She looked at me quizzically and said, “This guy is 50 and has done all that?”  I nodded ‘Yes’, and she said those three hated words:  “Do the math.”

 Incredulous, I counted backwards and realize that a PhD., two masters degrees, an MBA and a BA and 25 year career as an engineer as well as inventor, chef in Aspen, competitive skier and jazz pianist might not quite add up.  I assumed he was merely an over-achiever.

And he was always busy and friends all over the world. And I assumed, again, he was telling the truth

Then Trixie asked me if I had “Googled” Donald, it never dawned on me to research him.

Hearts on a line

We met on line and I thought I did due diligence in asking all the right questions. He was the consummate gentleman and the whole Google process had escaped me.   She repeated herself, “Google the guy.”

So we Googled my darling, charming, Donald. Guess how many Donald Johnsons there are? How many ‘hits’ Google has for Donald Johnson? Evidently his is a very common name in the United States and the world.

My pal Diana came over that night and helped me do an advanced Google search. She’s part Nancy Drew, very much a Ph.D. in Research and Development and a dedicated friend. Within minutes, she came up with “my Donald.”

TMI?  Is there such a things as too much information? No, darling, there is no such thing…

 So we Googled the guy – and found out that he told a tsunami of fibs, lies, fiction, half-truths and falsifications.

Ergo, I punctuated that chapter in my life with a definitive “So Long!” in three languages: Adios y hasta la vista, baby! Au revoir and auf Wiedersehen!

Thank you, Helen of Tracy.


A warning sign for the public

Beware the ides of Bait and Switch trick

tow liltlslslslss

Sorry, sweetheart, Cupid doesn’t work at There’s no plump, little angel reviewing your sweet, heart felt profile – Thinking “Oh! I have the perfect date for you!”

I’ve Got Rhythm – You’ve Got Algorithms  or  The bots and bon mots

I once met a civil, electrical engineer, who explained the concept that a Web crawler is an Internet bot that systematically browses algorithms and marketing ploys on sites like Match.  The bots are busy sending you, dear dater,  bits of fluff.

You know those, “Who Likes You?” notices indicating that Barbie from Brisbane, Sherrie from Sacramento, Pattie from Ramona “Likes you?”

Nine times out of 10, you will click on their profile only to find out – sit down for this – that person doesn’t exist. Yes, it is true. However, the dating company has six other people (from Alaska, Arizona and Alabama) you just might find attractive. In the business, this is called “date switch” you and I call it, Bait and Switch.

Everyone knows, the stickier  the website, the more hits, the more gullible, the more enticed one becomes. The name of the Match game is to get you onto the site as many times as possible, each day. It’s all about volume- it’s all about you being interested and hooked.

 How do you spell bologna? Your Daily Matches are chosen through Synapse – our “super-intelligent matching technology” We integrate your personality, peccadillos, preferences and on-site actions, along with behavior predictions to continuously improve your matches.

SF–Gal–Haute complains that every day, Match sends her notices that three to four men “Like her.” She says, if you click the link, Oh! What a surprise! They’re not around anymore. However, there are six new guys (from Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona) she might like instead. Can you say “Bait and Switch?”

If you’re fishing for a new love- you might want to catch and release and try another algorithm.

Wait a minute. Who owns That’s right: IAC.

They own OKCupid, Tinder, How about we,, Meetic,, and Twoo.

What say you? Monopoly or monotony?

In 2013, Singles looking for Partners /consumers paid $2.2 billion worldwide to find a mate, a date, a partner according IBIS World.


Happy Easter, friends!

Oh! Happy day!Kid-4

Happy Easter

“All I really need is love,

but a little chocolate

now and then

doesn’t hurt!” 

Lucy Van Pelt, “Peanuts”


“I generally avoid temptation unless I can’t resist it”

Mae Westeggs-669237__180

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