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She thought he was a honk…


Dominika is a regular at the famous Palo Alto pick up bar, Rosewood. Her posse, Renate, Tatyana and Vera car-pool with her every Thursday night. 

They considered themselves “Russian beauties,” and dressed in risqué cocktail dresses and very high heels.  The girls are still slipping and skipping over English phrases. However, they  learned important phrases, “You here alone?” “What’s your name?”  “Buy me drink?” “You like party?” “You have cash?”

Some of the English words were very hard for Dominika and her gang. When a conversation got too complicated, the girls would move in with the hand-on-the-knee move. The well-rehearsed ploy moved to whispers – foricing the prey to move in closer.

Renate considered herself smarter, prettier and better with the “Anglish vords.”

She called men “honks.” She had over-heard the word in the ladies room       and decided to use this American word.

Men blinked at her and wondered what she was saying…




One small problem with Mr Right?

Three Strikes vs Lucky Strikes?

Suddenly Single... Minded

Phil was a great guy. Everybody said so.

He was single, straight, employed, fun, well-read, loved the San Francisco Giants and the Oakland Warriors. He had tickets to the SF Film Festival and liked to watch roller derby at Kezar. He opened doors and opened hearts and was an well-practiced flirt. Women loved him.

Most women loved him – he was a prince. He had one small problem that 9 out of 10 women he started to date could not abide by – he smoked. A lot. It was rare to see him without a cigarette.

Women who saw him in church or at the library were generally smitten with the shock of silver hair, the baby-blues eyes and his engaging, ready-smile. 

Sure, he tried to kick the habit  and heartily agreed with Mark Twain who said,

“Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world.

I know because I’ve done…

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Don’t Do This: Lousy First Dates

canoe-63457__340What not to do on your First Date:

Fact: You are still being Checked Out and are Checking Out Your Date from head to toe. Avoid suggesting a horrible, terrible, no good, First Date like these:

No Skydiving

No PaintBall

No Rocky Horror Picture Show

No Dumpster Diving


No Zombie Camp


No Duck Hunting with Buddies on Date #1

No Introducing First Date to Your Kids


No Gator Hunting.

Yes to Baseball Games, Hikes, Strolls, Sharing a meal, Going to Comedy.14522922_10206753619191288_4179986392809610747_n


Do Nice Guys Finish First?

The Game of Love – Keeping Score

hipster-358479__180Everyone knows a so-called nerd.

He is your brother, cousin, uncle, neighbor, or best friend. Generally, he is very smart and perhaps lacking social graces (i.e. the Old Joke: When they were giving out personality traits in Heaven St Peter said, “Who wants a good Personality?” All the nerds heard “Who wants Periodontal disease?” and all said, “Not me!”)

My pal, George is the nicest nerd you ever met:  he is smart off the charts, very patient and kind. He is an inventor – he loves gizmos and gadgets and spread sheets. And, he has always been pretty  shy around girls.

He says he tried Online Dating once: he met one women. She wasnt his “style.”

Undaunted, he did some analysis. It appeared his taller, Lacrosse playing, tall, blonde, slim friends got more action than he did. In no time, he created four different profiles on Match, two on OKCupid and one on Plenty of Fish.

It didn’t take a genius (although he is one) to determine what captured a woman’s attention.George will tell you he went from being a short, scientist to a being a taller, more interesting, creative writer, overnight.Bam!

OK Cupid has a blog that explains the most popular buzzwords for men to attract female attention. Plenty of Fish also offers free advice on attention-getting devices.

Research over Drinks

While quaffing a beer at Perry’s, his old pal, Biff  (prepped at Exeter/Yale) told George what to look for in a woman.

Biff generously provided his Perfect Woman /Top Five /Must Have List

 Must Have:

  1. A healthy and fit body which delights
  2. She must be financially solvent.
  3. Must be emotionally warm, generous, and accessible
  4. She must come from a happy home life, with parents who were happy and loved her.
  5. She must love children; and will meet the challenges of parenting with empathy, humor, and wisdom

Now, George knew braggadacio Biff didn’t have a fraction of the things on his My Ideal Woman List…Biff was twice divorced, his parents were lushes who vacationed separately; each had flings and trysts and affairs all their married lives. Biff didn’t have a real job and the trust fund was dwindling.

George went back to drawing board- every day -and tweaked, improved, and enhanced the truth.

In a short while, George (aka Rodney, Ted, Billy) actively tested the dating waters.  And slowly and clearly he discovered what women want. In time, he tossed his façade profiles – research completed.

George was on Match for one month before he met Megan.Their first phone call lasted 40 minutes – smart guy (“Leave them wanting more”) and he begged off.

Their first date lasted four hours and they have been exclusive ever since.


“The demand to be loved is the greatest of all arrogant presumptions.” Nietzsche


Does he look like a Scientist?

Big Sam – not the Science Man

 Was Trump’s #2  Campaign Manager


And #1 Campaign Manager was Manafort

They say Sam is a Political Hack. A mere Talk Show Host who hasn’t seen a plate of  hamburgers he didn’t like.

Clovis’ likely nomination, reported by… ProPublica, raised caution among advocates for agricultural research, who say they worry the administration will pay less attention to the effects of Weather and Climate Change on Wheat and other vital crops…the position is deeply involved in Agricultural Science.

Sam ClovisClovis stepped away from the Nomination

Why does a president select such unique individual with

Russian Ties to work wth him?


Dating at 50? Spring ahead

Just Do It!

Suddenly Single... Minded


Who Me? Dating at 50?  Top 5 Ways to Spring into Dating

It’s a well-known fact: Dating at 50 is a lot more fun than dating at 20.

Think about it: you are more interesting, smarter, and sexier and have way better life’s stories. And, you don’t have to ask your mom to borrow the car. Come on in, the water is delicious.

You’re not alone. There are 20+ million singles back in the dating game.  We may be single-so-far and looking, suddenly single via divorce, or really ready for a relationship.

Like you, many singles are bored and lonely – we may have played too much Solitaire and are ready to play a rousing game of Hearts.  And flowers … and romance.

Top Five Ways to Spring into Dating at 50

  1. Do talk to strangers. Everyday. It’s okay, and heartily recommended that you look members of the opposite sex…

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Have you ever read a Trip Advisor review?

Is Trip Advisor is using you?

Suddenly Single... Minded


Can’t get there from here?

Trip Advisor told Helene G – after six years of frothy and factual hotel and restaurant reviews, with hundreds of “likes” and tens of thousands of people reading her reviews, that she was “stuck” at Number 49 Best San Francisco Reviewer.”

They wrote, “If she tried harder”  in her spare time – and gave them another 10 to 20 additional reviews, she might be catapulted up to Number 45 Best San Francisco Reviewer. And!  She would receive a gift.

She got a  plastic Trip Advisor Luggage Tag last year.

Helen G looked at the competition:

Number 48 was OJI, a Japanese male, age 20 to 25, who wrote his reviews in Japanese. This kid got around. He wrote succinct, two-lined comments of dozens of places all over the world. No doubt, a flight attendant.


Number 47, Hank was a 20 to 30-year-old male, engineer who wrote one-line synopses of…

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Put the brakes on speed dating workshops?

High atop a hill in beautiful San Francisco, a new Dating Workshop was slated to “To rival all others.”

The attendees were nestled all tight in their seats with visions of horizontal happiness dancing in their heads.

Mica Glassworthy was the guest speaker and the topic was “Speed Dating for those stuck in First Gear”
Mica was tall, lithe, dressed in silver from head to toe – very Prada, Hermes, Manola Blahnik…her carefully coiffed hair was remarkable – and all the women were remarking…
The large bustling audience was comprised of  women over 50 who were ‘game’ to try something new. That was the tag line on all the flyers and in the email blast: Try something new.

I had been ready to try something new for a long time. At the time, my maiden voyagae of three months on Internet dating had been a roller coaster ride – with very high highs and some lonely lows. Quelle bummer.

Ms Bored Stiff sat next to me and heaved a huge sigh. She looked at me and in an accusatory tone, head her tilted, said, “What are you doing here?” I laughed – and told her, “Research. I’m trying something new.”
She shook her head and said, “Where are all the fat girls? This room is crawling with Bay Club-Rats. Look at this crowd.”

I looked around – granted, a number of the women looked like “Wind Tunnel 101′ – thats code for “Face lifted” and way too many G’s.”

Mica was well spoken, elegant and dry. She had multiple lists of statistics on dating at 50; dating in San Francisco; second marriages and success rates. Her hand outs were accepted by the attendees and we promplty placed them in our hand bags.

As our expert droned on, the natives grew increasingly restless. Glances were exchanged, eyes were rolled and heads were shaking. We were not there for a symposium- we wanted answers, tips, clues, websites.

The Inmates Take over the Workshop

The attendees later agreed, the only list we wanted was a list of Hot Spots in San Francisco to meet men. We exchanged stories on our nightmare dates.

Truthfully, Mica lost control of the workshop and the ladies did what women do best : we talk – we share – we inform.

Okay, so I did  a wee bit more sharing than most.

See Here: Phobias and Fear of Dating

and Three’s a Crowd;

New Faces on


Dance by the Light of the Moon? Oh, yeah!

Come dance with me…

Ooh, by the light, by the light, of the silvery moon
We gonna dance by the light of the moon
From the light, from the light of the silvery moon
We gonna dance …yeah….

I’m gonna dance with my darlin’
With a hole in her stockin’
Knees keep a-rockin’
Toes keep a-poppin’
Gonna dance with my darlin’
With a hold in her stockin’
Dance by the light of the moon

All within one week…

And the Evil:

Scott Pruitt, the new administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, dined with top executives from Southern Company, one of the nation’s largest coal-burning electric utilities, at Equinox, a white-tablecloth favorite of Washington power brokers.

That evening, it was on to BLT Prime, a steakhouse inside the Trump International Hotel in Washington, for a meal with the board of directors of Alliance Resource Partners, a coal-mining giant whose chief executive donated nearly $2 million to help elect President Trump.

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