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You flirting with me? Men are confused – Top 3 tips

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Men readily admit to being confused by women and their flirting techniques.

Are you confused by signs, signals, winks, and blinks?

Remember this:  Treat all positive interactions (smiles, nods, waves) as a bona fide flirt.

TopThree Most Obvious Signs of Flirting:

Sign #1: What’s in a Name? They uses your name, often, in conversation. This is a very subtle attention getting device. Everyone likes to hear his or her name, right? Listen, carefully.

Sign #2: Touched by an Angel? Nonchalantly, they tend to brush up against you: could be a pat, a hug or a tap. Look for seemingly innocent light touches: on your shoulder, arm or knee. There is method in the madness.

Sign #3:  Eye Contact? Yes, the eyes have it. They will look you in the eye – often and for more than a split second.

Incorporate the classic LALA’s Flirting Method   into  your daily activities: Look At, Look Again, and Smile.

Remember: love looks with the eyes and the mind.


What a Piece of Work is a Man

The opposite of fun and flirting is a  ‘Stop’ sign and a dead end. Women wonder, ponder and dwell about the success of a date. It’s what we do.

Here are four obvious signs he is going, going, gone. Remember: nothing can come of nothing.

Four Signs of Dead End Dates:

  1. He asks you to split the check.
  2. He cancels more than one date.
  3. He takes and makes phone calls during the date; acts distracted and bored.
  4. He flirts with the hostess, the waitress, the bus boy – everyone but, you.

Something is wrong in the state of affairs if any or all of those events happen on a date. If that is the case, move on. Revel in the “early Spring” sunshine. Love is in the air and San Francisco is a wonderful, exciting, place for romance.

Oh, Happy Day:  Start your lessons: Take tennis lessons, beginner dance lessons, see all the local events and groups happening today at  Now is the time to meet new people and have more fun.

Three Local Hot Spots for Dancing

“Men do not quit playing because they grow old; they grow old because they quit playing.  Oliver Wendell Holmes ‘

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