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Ready to date – again? Hold on tight

happy womanSo you are 50-ish and single and thinking about Online Dating

Are your ready to get back in the game, again?

When you re-enter the dating jungle – the lush, tropical, sultry, sexy jungle of dating – after an acrid, dry, desert of a dead marriage, you learn a lot.  Fast.

Twenty years since your last date?

The clever little games you used to play, so well, in Dating World circa 20 years ago –no longer apply.  Those old ploys and techniques are out of style and defunct.

Waiting for the phone to ring is so 1992. Get ready to make the first move, call a man, and to flirt via text – skip the sexting- booty calls and sleepovers.

Get ready for women who date a younger man to be called “cougars” –

and men who date decades younger to be called “lucky.”

 Relationships in 2013 are faster and more frenetic than you could ever imagine the last time you were single. Actually, dating these days is more like riding the electronic bucking bull that we all saw  in the old John Travolta movie.

You may think, “Even though I am totally out of practice, I will keep my wits about me, I will remained dignified and in control…” and really, at first, Binkie, you will be holding on for dear life.

The First Dates

So you start dating, and you finally connect with a potential Mr. Right and things progress.  Just like riding a bucking bronco, not only does the pace pick up, but it becomes more difficult to hang on as time goes on… and you both discover dirty little secrets about one another. He rattles the coins in his pockets as he walks through the DeYoung Museum .  He doesn’t tip.  He doesn’t really like anything green – ‘fried everything’ is his menu mantra.

Some of those endearing qualities- he who was so fascinating on every level- now wear a little thin. But you hang in and you hang on. Eventually, you find out he’s thinking about dating two other women.  Hold on! Time to jump ship…

The Epitome –

Something  causes you to lose your footing and you crash; he reveals his disdain for sex and you almost fall off the floor.  Yes, he’s decided sex hurts his back and his lumbago. What’s a girl to do?

So, you climb down off the so-called bucking bronco,  walk over to him, extend your hand, give him his walking papers and wish him well in his Winnebago and his lumbago.

Dating 2013 – may take some tenacity, some luck and a sense of humor.

Your new mantra:  “Next!  The Best is Yet to Come”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Afraid of Valentine’s Day and new to dating?

photo_20944_20110817Fresh out-of-the-box. Right off the shelf.

Right off the boat. Long-time-no-date. A little chicken…

Are you Suddenly Single?  Somewhere around 40-the-new-50? And open to meeting and dating and being social, again? Good for you! 

 For some of us, getting back into the swing of dating, flirting, even talking to another single, attractive person can be scary and daunting.

Perhaps you’ve heard dating horror stories;  friends have warned you dating today is far more complex – and even dangerous – than it was a decade or two ago:

  • The playing field isn’t level
  • The rules have  really changed
  • The game is faster- a whole lot faster, Binkie
  • and the uniforms are a way shorter. Way. The sweet halcyon days of courting and being coy are as out-dated as hot pants and polyester.

Afraid to make a move? There are myriad  reports about dating  fears, frights and trepidations. There are even dating phobias which are: “irrational, intense, persistent fear of certain nouns (persons, places, things)’.

The Top 10 Common Fears Known to Single Men & Women

1. Isolophobia – fear of being alone
2. Athazagoraphobia- fear of being forgotten
3. Gamophobia – fear of marriage
4. Mageirocophobia – fear of cooking
5. Sexophobia – fear of the opposite sex
6. Gynophobia – fear of women
7. Hominophobia -fear of men
8. Clinophobia – fear of going to bed
9. Homilophobia – fear of sermons
10. Nyctophobia- fear of the dark or night

“ The only thing we have to fear is fear itself – nameless, unreasoning, unjustified, terror which paralyzes needed efforts…”Franklin D Roosevelt 

Flirt Early – flirt often – Blame Cupid

Go on, make a move.  Get off the couch, push away from the computer, and go outside and play. What are you afraid of?  

Face your fears and they disappear like those tiny bubbles in a glass of champagne.

Whether your are 30 or 50 – Male or Female –  A Simple Solution: Send out  a few Valentines ~ to every sweetheart, sweetie, crush, object of your flirtations and say Cupid made me do it!  Cheers.

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